[DELETED] 21:30 04 Apr 2010

Hi, all.....I've recently been having a problem whilst surfing, generally, whereby I lose internet access via my modem. When this occurs, the 'Internet' light on the modem simply goes out...sometimes for up to 1 to 2 minutes, then without any intervention from me, it re-lights and reconnects to the net allowing me to continue with whatever I was previously doing, (e.g.internet banking, etc..)
Any suggestions for a silver surfer ??

Thanks all.

  Graham. 22:04 04 Apr 2010

Check your line - dial 2 to break dial tone and listen for noise.

  rdave13 22:09 04 Apr 2010

In computer terms it's a bit ancient.
Have a word with BT if they are your ISP.

  robin_x 22:14 04 Apr 2010

I looked up your problem because I used to have a Voyager from AOL, but had some disconnects too recently on my 3 month old wireless thomson router. also from AOL.

I found this old thread.

click here

Does yours get hot? Should be no more than warm I would suggest.

My disconnects have disappeared now.
But I had them over about 10 days, a couple of weeks ago.
About one or two per day.

I suspected maintenance work at exchange. But none was listed.

Maybe they were auto checking line quality. But that should have been done when I first installed the router.

I have no further ideas.

While I Googled, I did notice Voyager 210 refurbished units available £5-£10 should you decide to replace.

Of course much more modern ones available now to.
Wireless/more ports etc.

Good luck.

  northumbria61 22:14 04 Apr 2010

It seems you are NOT alone with this problem - it could be the Router itself.

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  [DELETED] 08:54 05 Apr 2010

Hi there.
I'm a BT broadband engineer and from experience, I've found a lot of the old Voyagers to be going faulty. Contact the BT Options team on 01324 452504 and ask them if your contract is up for renewal. If it is, your monthly charges might be reduced and they will send you a new BT Homehub free if you are happy to take out a new contract.

Good luck.

  [DELETED] 10:17 05 Apr 2010

I think I've got the message..... The router is like me...getting all hot and bothered...and like me, it's ancient!!!
Will take advice and retire the '210' in favour of a more up to date model.

  [DELETED] 10:45 05 Apr 2010

BT Homehub?

  Graham. 11:51 05 Apr 2010
  northumbria61 14:13 05 Apr 2010

Stick with BT and get the very reliable BT Homehub if BT are willing to replace FOC with a new contract.

There are cheaper options with other ISP's - cheapest doesn't always mean the best - you want something that is reliable. In any case something which looks cheap isn't always - once you have added your line rental.

  [DELETED] 17:30 05 Apr 2010


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