BT Voyager 2091 Wireless Router -Internet Problems

  ShaunG 19:17 24 Jan 2007

Apologies if this has all been discussed before but I'm new to this site and cant find the answer I'm after through the Search Forum facility.

I'm on Broadband. Up until 2 weeks ago just had one desktop PC upstairs connected via phone cable. Never had a problem with connection.

We recently bought a laptop and a BT Voyager 2091 ADSL router with USB adapter for the PC. I got the laptop up and running and connected very quickly and have had no internet connection problems with that.

However I'm having problems with the main PC upstairs. I eventually (after initial problems and a router re-set) managed to get the PC connected to the internet. It is picking up the Voyager router with an excellent signal, but I keep losing the internet connection. I've tried re-connecting by typing the correct address into internet explorer but it just comes up with page cannot be found. The only way I am able to re-establish connection is to re-set the Voyager router to default, and then setting up the connection again. It will then allow me to get the box back up where I enter our Virgin user details and password and will connect again. However it wont hold the connection and keeps losing internet again, and will only get it back by resetting the router again. Last week I had about 4 days of satisfactory connection on the main PC but this week it will only connect for a matter of minutes. Through all of this the signal between router and PC has been constantly good.

I'm at a loss what to do next - do I have a faulty router or is it to do with the network settings on the PC - any tips very welcome.


  Strawballs 00:16 25 Jan 2007

If it were a problem with your settings then it would not have connected at all, I would be tempted to take the router back and try a different one. Maybe even a different make I have found Linksys to be reliable.

  ShaunG 07:32 25 Jan 2007

Thanks Strawballs. I wondered if it could be a router problem but then I've had no problem with a constant reliable connection with my laptop, and also my main PC upstairs is picking up a strong router signal. Its driving me mad and making me wish I hadnt bothered with wifi to be honest.
Any more ideas gratefully recieved. Ta!

  ShaunG 17:26 25 Jan 2007

Just did yet another re-set of the router. Managed to get the configuration page up and reconnected to the internet, however it held the connection for less than 5 mins and then lost it.
Is this definately symptoms of a faulty router before I go running back to PC World demanding my money back?

  ShaunG 16:02 26 Jan 2007

Any tips welcome! Thanks

  Strawballs 16:44 26 Jan 2007

If the PC upstairs is the one causeing the problems and all the others work it could be the wireless adapter on that machine that is at fault not the router.

  ShaunG 18:24 26 Jan 2007

Further to that. I find if I take the USB adapter out of the USB port on the PC, and move it to another one, then try to reconnect to the internet, it works, but again after approximately 5 minutes it loses the connection again. I've done it 3 times and its the same every time. Does this look like a faulty USB adapter then.
Any advice welcome because I'm getting nowhere with this. Cheers!

  Ashrich 18:29 26 Jan 2007

You could always try looking at the USB ports settings in Device Manager and untick the boxes under the power tab that lets Windows shut them down for power saving , might just help ...


  ShaunG 19:01 26 Jan 2007

I doubt thats the problem to be honest as I've been using a broadband modem plugged into a USB socket for some time with no dropout problems.

Does anyone think it might be a problem related to IP addresses?

  ShaunG 16:40 27 Jan 2007

OK I've been playing a little more, this may help reach an answer.

I've connected the router to my desktop PC with an ethernet cable, and connected to the phone socket in the nearby bedroom with a long phone extension. Got an instant internet connection which (so far after 20 mins) is holding firm. The laptop is also connecting wirelessly fine.

Problem solved sort of, although as I dont have a phone socket in the same room as the desktop PC its a pain to have to plug in an extension cable every time I want to use either the PC or laptop. I know the obvious answer - get a phone extension fitted!

However back to the problem. This obviously identifies the problem as being with the USB adapter (are they called dongles?) which plugs into the PC to enable it to recieve the wireless connection. Would it help getting the BT Voyager 1055 USB adapter changed, or am I likely to have the same problem again because it is to do with IP addresses?

Ideally I'd like to run both PC and laptop wirelessly so any further help is very welcome.

Thanks for your help so far guys!

  ShaunG 17:20 28 Jan 2007

Any help on my last point would be appreciated. Do you think it is a fault with the adapter or if I replaced it with another BT Voyager 1055 USB adapter would I simply get the same situation again. If so then I might as well take the router and the adapter back and change it for something else. If that is the case could anyone suggest another make with which I am unlikely to have the same problem.

To summarise - what I need is a router to wirelessly feed internet to one wireless enabled laptop and one desktop PC which requires an adapter.


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