BT Voyager 205 - Ports Ports and more Ports.......

  Kiewee123 10:49 03 Apr 2006

So, I need help.

My annoying BT Voyager 205; And ports.

I can't get a few of my programs working, because my router is blocking remote connection. Actually, I dont know if its my router ir if its somthing else, eg. Firewall.

I've contacted BT, and they've just moved thier base to india. They just put me on hold and ask thier supervisor-guru all the questions, and then tell me that they are going to give me a number to call, I hang up, listen to a machine for 20 mins, and then get put on hold for half an hour.

So, how do I forward these ports, and also is there a firewall that could be blocking it; I've turned off the Windows Firewall, and my freind Zone Alarms.

If you willing to help me, please do so by posting here, adding me on MSN, or emailing me. We could also do online remote conection, so just contact me - its all set up.

Thanks you lot,


Kiewee123 {AT} Gmail {DOT} com

  BBez 11:22 03 Jun 2006

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