BT Voyager 100 Speed?

  lukealexander 23:10 01 Apr 2005

I currently use a BT Voyager 100 on 512k BT BRoadband. I am going to move to Bulldog 4mb this month (£30 for 4mbs+rental, £1 install).
Will the voyager support the 4mbps speed?

  Forum Editor 23:25 01 Apr 2005

it will, but you won't be transferring data at that speed in any case.

  lukealexander 23:27 01 Apr 2005

could you explain why?

  Forum Editor 00:09 02 Apr 2005

of the maximum theoretical downstream transfer speed, and will rarely - if ever - be achieved. All data transfers are dependent on available bandwidth (amongst other things) and on a domestic broadband connection you'll have a contention ratio of 50:1. This means that at any given moment you might be contending with up to 50 other people for the available bandwidth, and the more people there are in contention the less each person's bandwidth will be. In the main you'll not notice much difference, although at peak periods you might.

This isn't something to worry about, and in any case there's nothing you can do about it - all broadband connections run slightly slower than the stated maximum, and your upstream rate will be far slower than the downstream.

  lukealexander 22:48 02 Apr 2005

I understand that issue, i meant in terms of actual hardware supported speed...

  Forum Editor 00:41 03 Apr 2005

I don't follow - what exactly do you want to know? I've already answered your question - or at least I though I had.

  lukealexander 21:00 04 Apr 2005

I want to know if the BT Voyager 100 will support a theoretical maximum data rate of 4mbps?

  Forum Editor 23:11 04 Apr 2005

It was 'yes' and it still is.

  lukealexander 23:14 04 Apr 2005

sorry, i must hae missed that in my haste! sorry about that :)

  Forum Editor 00:39 05 Apr 2005

enjoy your faster connection.

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