BT Vovager 2500 & Netgear MA 101

  pat_e 20:43 17 Jun 2006

Help please
I have a BT Voyager2500 router wired connection to my pc which connects fine to the pc and the 'net. The problem I have is connecting a second pc wirelessly using a USB connected Netgear MA101 wirelss adaptor. The second computer can see the BT Voyager and the signal strength looks very good. It shows that is is a secure encrypted connection. But when I click on the connect button a screen rrquesting the network key appears. The key is entered twice and a box showing connecting comes up. The green bars go across like it is trying to do something, but nothing happens. And finally we are returned to the connect screen as if nothing has happened - which it has!
Any ideas please

  ade.h 20:48 17 Jun 2006

How are you using the USB adapter? Driver-only or with its (superfluous) software? (I suspect the latter, judging by your reference to "green bars").

  pat_e 20:55 17 Jun 2006

I have no idea. I have had the NETGEAR wireless for a while but have mislaid the CD with the drivers, my son downloaded the drivers from the web and put them on to a CD for loading on to his pc. Should I just look for USB drivers then?

  ade.h 21:02 17 Jun 2006

You need to check whether you are using the Netgear software. If you are, uninstall it (from Prog Access & Defaults) and the adapter (from Dev Manager). Then reinstall it as if it were almost a plug-n-play device, relying on the New Hardware Found wizard to apply the driver from the CD (or a download).

You are disadvantaging yourself by relying on the software when WZC (Wireless Zero Config) is what Windows really wants to use.

Once you have done that, we can see if you need to take any further steps to resolve the issue.

  pat_e 21:29 17 Jun 2006

have done that - but we seem to have gone backwards a bit! The second pc can still see the router but when we click on connect an error message comes up something like 'could not connect to selected network - network might be out of range'. Yet it is still showing max signal in the background. We did not get the option of entering the network key??

  ade.h 22:08 17 Jun 2006

Then there is probably something that you did wrong in the installation or something that you are doing wrong with WZC. Without seeing it, I can't know for sure. All USB adapters can be used without software and they almost always perform better like that.

  jimboa 14:58 30 Oct 2006

Hi All,

I don't seem to be able find A bt Voyager 2500 anywhere on the web, even BT came up with nothing. Any help would be great.


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