BT v NTL ?

  Magik ®© 17:33 29 Jun 2005

hi, has anyone left BT for NTL and think they did the right thing ......and....can you just have NTL broadband and still keep the BT phone.

My BT BB connection is driving me at my wits end... :-(((((


  woodchip 17:40 29 Jun 2005

I am on NTL Freedom with BT line. 512mb BB no Cap Free local and National calls 01 and 02 for £24.99 a month

  woodchip 17:41 29 Jun 2005

And Free USB modem and filters

  Graham ® 17:43 29 Jun 2005

Sorry to hear you're having problems, but would changing ISP solve them? The connection to the exchange would still be the same.

Have we 'had a go' at fixing things?

  Magik ®© 18:07 29 Jun 2005

i thought that NTL had their own lines..

I have done nothing since 30th may, but try to get it sorted, emailed them, got replies telling me to ring this number then that it stands now....i have the BT voyager 2000 adsl modem, all day it connects stays on for exactly 5 minutes, drops the line,reconnects for the next 5 minutes, I have complained to the BT complaints service....and on it goes, anyone wants to know anything about the setup just ask.

  woodchip 18:12 29 Jun 2005

Well there must be a setting in there that will stop it loging of

  woodchip 18:15 29 Jun 2005

Have you tried click here

  woodchip 18:16 29 Jun 2005

Also have you got the latest updates for the modem

  Magik ®© 18:22 29 Jun 2005

hi, i have been clutching straws for days, I have removed the face plate from the master phone socket and plugged it in direct...altered the Attenuation from 0 upto 12 and back down again, got another modem (alcatel speedtouch) and used another laptop, and still the darn thing is playing up... not sure which way to turn.

  TonyV 18:37 29 Jun 2005

I changed from BT to ntl, but after a years' contract reverted back to BT. (Ntl's service was terrible!) I have the BT/Alcatel Speedtouch modem which works fine. However, a friend of mine changed to BB via BT (he was with their Dial-up) and he was having awful problems trying to stay connected and even then it was very slow and prone to kicking out of the connection!

I had words with BT and they asked me to do all sorts of checks and eventually they suggested I changed the filter over to the other one that was supplied with the Voyager Router. This did the trick and everything works fine now for them. So, may be, just may be, you have a faulty filter. If you have a spare one, changed it over and see what happens.


  keith-236785 18:37 29 Jun 2005

im going back in time here to dial up time....have you checked the settings on your internet connection, there is a setting that says something like "disconnect if idle for X minutes" the X is changeable, it might be set at 5 mins (i think that is the default).

i seem to recall that you get these settings by right clicking on your dialup networking connection & choose properties, as im on NTL broadband, i no longer have a dial up connection so cant check for you, apologies if you also dont have a dialup connection setup, i dont know about BB through the phone line.

if all else fails, you could try a little prog i used to use called "keep it alive" which sends a ping every minute or so to keep your internet connection worked a treat.

if you would like to try it, please send me an e-mail so i can e-mail it back to you. i tried a google but it has been taken off probably due to BB. Im not sure if it works with XP though but it might be worth a try.

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