bt total broadband speed issues

  gumball-rally 17:16 04 Aug 2007

i have been with bt now for six months option 3 with up to 8meg download speed although my line will only accept 2meg as i am 3.07 km from the exchange , aah if only i could get 2meg . From the outset my speeds have been on average 448 upstream and 448 - 640 down with an actual ip of around 220 kbps , the configured ip profile is 250 . I have had two hubs and a third one is on its way .Gupta from india says that there is no fault on the line , keeps asking about cookies , fax machines , sky boxes and everything else on their script , can anyone advise me what to do next do i install the third hub or bite the bullet and buy a different router , it is so frustrating when your downloading and seeing a transfer rate of between 15 and 20 kbps . Thanks in anticipation MR FRUSTRATED

  howard64 17:28 04 Aug 2007

are you connecting to the master bt socket or to an extension? I have temporarily moved a pc with your speed from a long ext to the master and the speed has jumped.

  Dipso 17:38 04 Aug 2007

As howard64 says you would get the best from your connection by connecting through the test socket, under the master faceplate but if I was you I would ditch the hub and go for a more reliable router.

FWIW your low connection speed suggests either you have internal wiring issues or your line to the exchange is a lot longer than you think. To rule out the wiring follow this click here

  gumball-rally 17:38 04 Aug 2007

thanks for the quick response originally it was to the master socket but an engineer was here during the week and after using his test equipment moved connection ( phone as well ) to an extension into the study . Where my line comes into the house it comes to an old fashioned square box and then into the new socket ( one with the test socket behind the cover ) the line then comes into the study where the engineer fitted a new socket one side for the adsl the other for the landline

  gumball-rally 17:43 04 Aug 2007

i had my router plugged into the test socket for two days to allow bt to do a line test during this time i was doing my own tests and the results were 448 up 640 down actual ip 217 this was constant over the two days. I also went to the dslzone site to check where my exchange was and the info was 3.07 kms

  Kingfisher 19:27 04 Aug 2007

I had a similiar problem bt came round and made the computer telephone socket the master and the rest of the phone sockets in the house as extensions. the new socket had built in filter so no plug in filters req.d. be sure your pc is plugged into the first socket in the house.
it then took about a week for the speed to increase from 2.3kbps to 6.9 kbps. I am about a mile from the exchange.
keep pestering bt they will come good
good luck

  Kingfisher 19:29 04 Aug 2007

forgot to mention I also pesterd bt about my router not being the latest model, eventually they sent me foc the bt voyager 220v adsl voice router

  Dipso 23:42 04 Aug 2007

The on-line exchange location checkers can only give straight line distance to the exchange, in reality the actual distance can be much longer as the wires tend to take the scenic route.

The only way to be sure of why the speed is so slow is to check the line stats. There is a page within the Hub's interface that displays the line stats. Go to this address click here

> Broadband Connection
> DSL Connection
> Details

Direct link :-
click here

If the above doesnt work try:-

> Advanced
> Status
> ADSL Line

Default user: "admin" password:"admin"

  gumball-rally 20:22 05 Aug 2007

thanks for the info checked the hub line stats and they are as follows
bandwidth 448 up 1632 down
line attenuation 30.5 / 56.0
sn margin 17.0 / 14.5
fec errors 0 / 47500
crc errors 0 / 168
hec errors 0 / 142
as i don't really know what they mean i would appreciate anymore help thanks
the router is plugged directly into the adsl socket also tried for bt to send me the 2500 router as i'd read elsewhere on this helpline as it has cured quite a lot of the problems that i have but they said i must have a home hub

  Dipso 21:53 05 Aug 2007

Your downstream attenuation suggests your line may be more like 4km long but even so, you should be able to get at worst 2 Meg, at best 4 Meg from your line.

Your current connection speed of 1632 is better than you originally quoted but still not great. I see you have a high sn margin which is indicative of some instabilty. The best thing to do would be to monitor the line for the next week, don't turn the router off and see if the connection speed changes from 1632.

If the connection remains stable it will eventually improve and you should end up with speeds more like the 2 Meg you deserve. If you find the speed is always changing this suggests the line has been dropping and reconnecting, if this continues to happen I would certainly consider changing to another router.

  gumball-rally 21:13 06 Aug 2007

thanks for the info dipso the new bt home hub is on its way from bt but after using two i'm not so sure about the third . One other question , when i'm doing a speedtest on the bt website it quotes the throughput speed of mine is only rated at 350 will i ever get 2 meg

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