BT Total Broadband: Fair Usage Policy

  bbr620 08:49 03 Feb 2010

Hi all, i gets this email this morning,

Fair Usage Policy: your speed will be restricted
at peak times

Dear Customer,

We emailed you recently to remind you about our Fair Usage Policy. Our records show that your broadband usage in January is now above 100GB.

In accordance with our Fair Usage Policy, and to protect the online experience for all our customers, we'll now be restricting your broadband speed at peak times only (typically this is between 5pm and 12am, but these times may change depending on the demands on the network) to 1Mbps for a minimum of 30 days. We'll continue to restrict your speed and notify you by email as long as your monthly usage remains above 100GB.

Please note: your service isn't affected in any other way - we restrict only your speed, not your ability to upload and download.

For more information, please see our Fair Usage Policy. Or call 0800 707 6044, 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Best wishes,

BT Total Broadband team

If you exceed your monthly usage allowance your service won't stop working; advisory emails will be sent to your BT primary email address if you reach 80 per cent of your usage allowance each month and further notification if you then exceed your allowance in a particular month.

If you exceed your usage allowance for two months in a row, we'll charge you £1 for each extra GB you use (rounded up to the nearest GB) starting from the second month you exceed your allowance. We'll continue charging if you keep exceeding your allowance in the following months. These charges will appear on your BT bill.

now i'm on option 3 which is supposedly unlimited, i pay enough for the connection and need true unlimited, i got kids with 2 XBox360's, a Wii, 2 laptops and a desktop all using the same connection..

I'm looking for an alternative phone line BB provider that won't capp me and who are truley unlimite, any help appreciated.

someone has suggested this to me:
click here

Premium package: Usage Unlimited
£10 per month for O2 customers includes PAYG customers or £15 per month for all other customers

* Up to 20 meg download speed (subject to location)
* McAfee security software (for up to 3 computers)
* 200 free web texts per month

Premium Package = 12 x £10 = £120 + 2 months free + £100 Quidco cashback = £0 cost!

any help, tnx in advance

  sharpamat 09:15 03 Feb 2010

This is another back door method to cut what you get, and most of the ISPs use this. The cut off used to be 120 MB now its down to 100. You may also find it restricts BT vision It did mine.
I was on option 3 with my phone line it last bill without phone charges was £170 for a quarter. I Had already warned BT I would leave if they tried this again. Especially as the lines could only provide broadband at just over 3 MGS

Luckily I was out of the Min contract period. When this happened again in Jan I terminated and went to Virginmedia.Cable 10 meg, unlimited phone calls and a basic tv package. The BB speed test shows a full 10mg, no signs of a so called fair use policy, and under £40 a month. So savings of £50 a quarter

  oldbeefer2 09:18 03 Feb 2010

O2 also have a 'fair usage policy', despite the claim for 'unlimited'(see their full terms). They are a very good provider, but I guess you'd have the same problem with them with the amount you download.

  mikef. 09:22 03 Feb 2010

I think you'll find all providers have a fair usage policy, there is no such thing as totally unlimited, if there was the network would soon become throttled

  bbr620 09:31 03 Feb 2010

thanks to all, i've since discovered that it's due to the exchange only being ADSL with a 50:1 contention ratio.

BT have set a target date of Q4 2011 for the switch to 21CN for my exchange which will allow LLU operators to allow installation of their own equipment which should remove any capping of data.

i found this out here: click here

thanks again to all, looks like i'm stuck with it til the end of 2011 :~(

  Poitier 14:21 03 Feb 2010

bbr620 ,
I think that you will find that whether the ISP is a LLU operator or not the fair usage policy will still be applied.

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