BT Total Broadband

  Les T 18:25 23 Sep 2006

Evening folks, looking for a bit of advice.Yesterday i've upgraded to BT Total Broadband (option 3). I see that the Home Hub comes complete Norton AntiVirus and Norton Personal Firewall. My question is will this be compatible with what i already have (AVG free and Windows firewall) or will i have to uninstall my existing anti-virus and firewall?

Thought and opinions are much appreciated.

  VoG II 18:35 23 Sep 2006

You should only have one anti virus and one firewall.

  Les T 18:45 23 Sep 2006

My thoughts exactly, should i keep my own (AVG & Windows Firewall), or uninstall them and stick with the Norton package?
Thanks for the reply.

  VoG II 18:53 23 Sep 2006

That's a personal choice really. From my experience of Norton on my daughter's laptop I wouldn't have it on my PC. AVG is fine but Zone Alarm click here is better than Windows firewall.

  Les T 18:59 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for reply, i must admit i'm happy with AVG. I reckon i'll wait till i get the hub, then i'll decide what firewall to go with. Thanks again.

  steven_frost 11:48 24 Sep 2006

i've been using the norton stuff an with my hub and works fine and since it's free will be happy to use it

  Les T 11:58 24 Sep 2006

Thanks, that's reassuring.

  iarno 14:33 24 Sep 2006

Les T
You will find you have the option to install what you want.
Keep what you have if it is working OK.
Ihad AVG free and changed to Norton but after a few probs. have now gone back to AVG. Have kept their firewall as so far it seems OK.

If your happy with all the sugestions dont forget the green tick.


  Pineman100 14:56 24 Sep 2006

My Norton Internet Security account is just about to come up for renewal, so I'm very interested to know why you wouldn't choose this package. It came top in PC Advisor's recent survey of security packages.

  VoG II 15:02 24 Sep 2006

When my daughter did manage to catch a virus, Norton kept bringing up warnings, didn't delete it and in fact made the machine slow down to the extent that it was practically unusable. I actually had to disable Norton before I could clean up the virus!

When her subscription ran out I uninstalled Norton (which took an age) and put AVG and Zone Alarm on. No problems since.

  Les T 17:59 24 Sep 2006

It appears i've got a few options to consider, i'll wait till i get the hub then make up my mind. Thanks for the advice/views.

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