BT router Question

  smudger1767 21:49 15 Jul 2006

Hi there , at the moment I have my BB with talktalk, but I switched from BT BB. The question I have is with the BT BB I conected with a BT router which is always on, but with talktalk Ive got a stupid usb modem which isnt. Is it possible to use the talktalk with the BT router.

  ade.h 22:09 15 Jul 2006

Only if the BT modem/router (it is actually a modem/router, yes?) is not ISP-locked. It may well be. click here This subject crops in discussions sometimes.

  smudger1767 15:14 16 Jul 2006

Thanks for the reply but Ive tried it with talktalk and no luck.

  ade.h 18:54 16 Jul 2006

Then it's ISP locked, as I suspected.

  evon200 17:38 18 Aug 2006

BT Routers are not locked. Open Internet Explorer and type in the IP addresss for the router: (Incidentally you must make sure your Local Area Connection IP address is also set to the 192.168.254.x subnet. If you've not done this before see * below). This should open the BT Router home page. Type in the details TalkTalk has given you (ie username and password) and it MIGHT work.
Frankly TalkTalk are such an amateurish PAIN that it probably won't. But that's a TalkTalk issue, not the fault of your router.

*To change your subnet go to Control Panel --> Network Connections, then x2 click on the appropriate icon, choose Properties, x2 click on the last mention of "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" in the list, and note down whatever settings you have there. (They may simply say Obtain an IP address automatically.) Click on "Use the following IP address" and type in: (I choose 44 arbitrarily - you can select any number provided there is not a PC in your home network with the same IP number so far as you know.)
Then for TalkTalk you need to put in the following DNS server addresses: Primary and secondary:
If none of this works and you give up on your BT Router, go back at the end and reset to your old settings.

  ade.h 17:49 18 Aug 2006

That would depend on the model. Some are locked to BT via recognition of BT-style login details, just as some routers or modems were/are locked to AOL using the same method.

  ianr59 15:23 24 May 2007

I have one of these with an unlock code. Whether this code is the same for all units, don't know but it's worth a try.
Open Internet Explorer and enter url
u/name is "admin" p/word is "admin"
then change URL to
enter the code: 7fdtydlo72v74qd and click Submit.
You should get a msg saying it is unlocked but you need to do the above procedure twice then it should be ok.
Good luck, hope it works

  Dipso 22:10 24 May 2007

Interesting. That info may come in handy. Ta!

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