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  Newuser939 16:56 15 Feb 2012

I have had line rental from BT on the same number for over 20 years and BT has been my ISP since the days when dial-up was the only option. I have had broadband from them since the maximum speed available was 512kbs. Because this has happened gradually over the years, my broadband (option 2) is being charged as if it were a stand-alone service at £20.50 per month, whereas (ignoring introductory offers) a new customer taking the same services as I have would pay £18 per month for the broadband. I am about to take the issue up with BT, but was wondering whether anyone else had been in the same situation and what the result was.

  Diemmess 17:14 15 Feb 2012

They are open on the phone to haggling, or it seems like it at the time!

Heavy hint that if they cannot do better you will move elsewhere. The best you can hope for is one of their bargain contracts which must last a year to avoid penalties. I asked for another £3 less per month (nearly a year ago). No they couldn't do that but would give me a £36 discount at the start.

I still feel like someone who has "missed the boat" but I'm not sure quite how.

The service has been good and snag free. If you haven't had a shiney Home Hub yet, you will have one thrown in. "No" I couldn't have another chunk off instead of a second hub. They still sent me another hub anyway!

  robin_x 17:56 15 Feb 2012

Research the Comparison Websites

Check your local exchange for those that provide 'LLU' service.

Then start haggling and maybe hinting at leaving.

AOL did same with me. I was on £18 pcm for years before I got around to needing a Wireless Router and asking them.

I didn't mention leaving and they dropped the price as well to £9.99 pcm. Retained Unlimited downloads but minimum 18 months sign up before reverting to 30 day rolling contract.

I see Tesco have just launched a £2.50 pcm (+line rental service)

  chub_tor 19:07 15 Feb 2012

Bt will usually haggle if you threaten to leave them, if they won't negotiate on price they will often give you 3 or 4 months free service provided you sign up for 12 or 18 months. I did this in the middle of last year.

  spuds 23:27 15 Feb 2012

Looking at some of the recent promotions that BT and other ISP's are running, there must be something seriously wrong.

It was only a short time ago, that I was looking at a circular about BT giving a £50 Sainsbury voucher on one of their new cheap deals. Plusnet at present (who are part of BT) are offering £3.25 per month deals, like TalkTalk. This includes Broadband, free evening and weekend calls.

Like others have mentioned, it would seem that it is far easier for ISP's to over free months if you threaten to leave, than reduced prices to old customers.

  Zurdo 10:51 16 Feb 2012

The last time my contract was nearly up I rang them and said me local echange was now partially unbundled and I could get Talktalk for £8. They offered me Option 1 plus free weekend and evening calls for £8.50 which I accepted. I also pay a years rental in advance at £120.

  Newuser939 15:23 20 Feb 2012

I got in touch with BT and they duly knocked a few pounds a month off the bill. The disappointing thing is that only new customers and complainers get the best deals. A company the size of BT should be able to devise billing software which flagged up when a customer was being overcharged for a particular of bundle of services so that the customer could be contacted. That would be real customer service and a wonderful marketing tool for BT as well. It won't happen, but there is no harm in dreaming!

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