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BT powerline extender wifi hotspot

  Jonno the Barbarian 13:17 07 Sep 2016

I have installed a BT extender Flex 1000 powerline kit with one end next to router and one end next to TV. Works well. However with a 1m thick wall between router and kitchen. Can I plug in a device to give me a wifi hotspot using the powerline created network so I can use devices in the kitchen on wifi?!?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 07 Sep 2016

yes as long as kitchen is on same ring main as the one next to the router.

  robin_x 16:36 07 Sep 2016

This new tech is dang tricky.

I think you should have bought this instead of this

ie Powerline and Wifi kit. I don't think the individual unit is compatible for you. It's just a Wifi extender repeater and will try to amplify the Wifi through the wall, instead of from the Mains cables.


Is it too late to try and change your kit? If you've only just bought them and packaging OK, you could ask.

Otherwise, I think you need a Wireless Access point (AP)that connects by Ethernet RJ45 cable to the kit you have.

Something like this or this


Or if you have an old router or hub these can often be used (with the settings changed)

Or a laptop, connected by cable, can act as a Mobile Wifi Hotspot

Although, I find it a bit hit and miss.

  robin_x 16:41 07 Sep 2016

Read amazon reviews in full ('ish) or Google what you are buying, to make sure the kit supports latest streaming and casting and whatever else stuff that I don't have a clue about. (I just came across a comment somewhere)

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