BT and Plusnet Modems

  Newuser939 11:08 17 Dec 2012

I am currently with BT for telephone and broadband, but could get a similar package from Plusnet for about £6 a month less.However, I see that BT claim that the Home Hub is worth £99 but Plusnet only claim that their router is worth half that. There must be differences between them, but would I notice those differences in practice?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:00 19 Dec 2012

"The router we ship is a Thomson 582n."

Thanks for that Bob. I obviously misread the OP's post as I thought he wanted a Home Hub which I found surprising as I've never seen them available as one of your routers despite Plusnet being owned by BT now.

Newuser, on the Plusnet "Packages" page, click the "Broadband Only" tab at the top. You don't need to switch from BT to get broadband from Plusnet.

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