BT phone connection into RJ (5?) to connect to net

  Ramification 21:19 21 Sep 2004

hi, my brother has gone away to uni, taking his computer with him, as the uni has broadband. his pc doesnt have USB connection though, and hes been told by a techie there that he needs a network adapter called an RJ5? and something about DBAX?! (hes got a cable cat 5?!) im out of my depth here, and would appreciate any info on the matter (what does he need?)
the pc is good few years old now, pentium 2.. celeron proc.
basically i need a lead from a BT connection to a USB. does anyone know where to find the right one and what the proper name is. thanks

  Grouse ® 22:07 21 Sep 2004

Firstly what has your brothers PC got! has the PC motherboard got Ethernet onboard, this is where you will plug in your CAT5 cable with RJ45 connectors on the end.

If his PC does not have a RJ45 socket on the back of his machine, then he will have to get an Ethernet PCI card prices vary from £10 to £35.

The techie you mention probalbly said an RJ45 CAT5 cable...............

  Grouse ® 22:14 21 Sep 2004

I thought I might add he should check what the connection on the wall socket is it a standard BT socket or does it have a RJ11 or a RJ45 socket!

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