BT phone and broadband down

  SparkyJack 11:44 16 Jul 2013

Did the checks- semms like house to pole fault now to get an engineer via web- HaHa big joke The sorry story

Infinity Breadband BT Total Broadband 1 BT Home hub 2 line into house to old terminal- BT ibstalled new IDSL terminal onto this to feed Infinity IDSL 'bob'

Saturday 13 july AM E mail came in then Home Hub came up with a no connection report carried tests as per – stil showed fault The 'Infinity' box remained active however Telephne remained dead Reported fault from neighbour Test showed 'Open Cicrcuit Disconnected phone and re connected one by one each reamain dead. Took phones to neighbours- where they worked OK

Sunday14th Infinity returned bot phones still off During the week 7 to12th occasional ' no connection' showed but returned rapidlt to normal.

So how does one find an engineer

  northumbria61 12:08 16 Jul 2013

BT - 0800 800 151 between 7am 11pm to report a fault (from your neighbours house of course)

  wiz-king 12:11 16 Jul 2013

or report a fault

  wiz-king 12:28 16 Jul 2013

Always supposing your line is with BT but as you have infinity I presume it must be.

  SparkyJack 13:56 16 Jul 2013

Northumbria----Done that--they know ablready

WhizkingRead the post -all done

Now Ineed the man that can

getting hold of one of those is another story.

How does one do that on the web?

It seems to send us round and roud the same pages.


  wiz-king 14:17 16 Jul 2013

All you can do is to report it - then wait.

  spuds 18:33 16 Jul 2013

And remember to keep records of times and perhaps conversations. You might need them later?.

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