BT or to not go for BT, that is the question...

  andycswt 14:11 29 Aug 2005

How many other people are frustrated with BT broadband? I just spent 3.5 hours on the fone being referred from one department to the other, including India.. and no one could tell me why i can't get 2MB.
I went through all the bog standard replies of: im too far from the exchange (im not cos im only 2.6km away) "MY" line isn't good enough (it is cos i previously got them to check it, and even if it wasnt, it aint my line it's theirs!). Eventually an advisor realised that although i had just been upgraded to 1MB, that was because my exchange already had 1MB capability and it hasn't yet been fully upgraded to 2MB by BT!! What a fiasco...

  wee eddie 15:41 29 Aug 2005

Isn't it lucky that not everybody knows everything.

This site is still like watching paint dry

  andycswt 20:07 29 Aug 2005

obviously u have nothing better to do than read this site then eddie..??

  p;3 23:11 29 Aug 2005

wosup? I am on BT BB, and have no problems:))the upgrade to 2mb is happening slowly; I phoned and got mine hurried up:))

  p;3 23:12 29 Aug 2005

wosup? I am on BT BB, and have no problems:))the upgrade to 2mb is happening slowly; I phoned and got mine hurried up:))

  Ade_1 16:37 02 Sep 2005

i have had problems with BT, i am unable to get 2mb broadband despite being told i was going to be upgraded, they cant even upgrade me to 1mb so im stuck now on 512 because they line "cant support it" also i have trouble with staying connected to the internet because my DSL light flashes at least once a day, usually much much more. When it flashes it takes ages sometimes hours to come back on so what i have to do is run a phone reel from the main socket coming into the house all the way upstairs into the study and connect my microfilter into that and then it usually works. I was told that it is not their problem, as long as it works in the direct socket there is nothing they can do!

  p;3 22:27 02 Sep 2005

might ask; what type of phone extension lead are you using; and have you had your dsl modem checked? when you first power up, do you get one green light; then when it has connected with the two green arrows, you get the second green light? (did you want to start your own thread about this to catch the replies?)

  mammak 18:53 05 Sep 2005

On BT BB here no probs, got my free upgrade to 2mb a few weeks ago lovely, it actually reads 2.2mbs so whos a lucky girl eh!.

  S5W 19:09 05 Sep 2005

I have been connected to BT Broadband for three and a half years, other than two small glitches during the first couple of months I have enjoyed a totally trouble free connection. I should be loath to change even though I know there are less expensive alternatives.

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