bt openzone

  hazy33 23:23 04 Jun 2010

every time i turn on my laptop it automatically connects to bt openzone and not sky who are my provider. it shows my sky network with a strong signal but will not connect.

  Jollyjohn 09:35 06 Jun 2010

Right click on the wireless icon and show networks. Select change network and remove bt openzone from the list. Then select sky and click connect. you should then be asked for the passkey, enter this and you should be connected.

  hazy33 12:15 06 Jun 2010

tried the above but no joy,also removed all networks but bt openzone auto reappears. Sky wont help as they say they're not allowed to remove other networks

  Jollyjohn 21:26 06 Jun 2010

Where is the BT Openzone being broadcast from? Can you get it switched off whilst you try and connect to your sky network?

  hazy33 06:56 07 Jun 2010

no idea just moved to this area. no one else has it. really poor signal.have removed from control panel but still cant connect to sky and bt re appears

  Jollyjohn 07:37 07 Jun 2010

Connect laptop by wire to router, ring sky and say you cannot connect wirelessly, dont mention bt openzone, and sky shoul be able to connect remotely and set up the wireless connection.

BT Openzone is a wireless network for use in cafes etc. It requires a passkey and is usually a paid service. If you are getting a working connection you must have used it at some point. You could try uninstalling any bt software via add & remove programs.

  hazy33 12:07 07 Jun 2010

no sign of programs in add/remove and nothing showing in search

  Jollyjohn 19:47 07 Jun 2010

Thinking about this one - anyone else feel free to jump in with ideas!

Try right clicking on the wireless icon and when the box pops up showing connected to BT Openzone there should be a button at the bottom to disconnect. Then refresh network list. Select Sky and connect?

  hazy33 20:26 07 Jun 2010

nope immediately say aquiring ip address for bt connect

  Jollyjohn 18:33 09 Jun 2010

Have you tried the wired option yet?

  hazy33 20:50 09 Jun 2010

changed security and seems to have done the trick

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