BT openworld spyware scanner ?

  Morpheus© 08:11 17 May 2003

hi,anyone sent for the free spyware scanner that BT-openworld are on about, or is it just the same as all the others, i have had 4 emails about it to-day..


  hoverman 08:32 17 May 2003

I think you are referring to BT's new Email Protection service. I seem to recall reading somewhere recently that BT are to extend this service to their Openworld customers. Their latest newsletter says that in March they filtered out over 40 million spam emails and detected nearly half a million viruses attached to emails. I would recommend signing up for it. Nothing is installed on your PC.

  hoverman 08:38 17 May 2003

Just had a look on the BTopenworld homepage and it says the service is now available to 'pay-as-you-go' customers.

  Morpheus© 08:54 17 May 2003

hi ..this is the email.

Did you know your personal information is being sold to companies and people right now? This includes surfing habits, email addresses, and if you aren't careful, even your credit card numbers. In some cases anything ever done on your computer can be watched.

Did you also know that the FBI has full time employees that their only job is to spy on people's computers without them ever knowing it? It can be done.

We are here to offer you the chance to scan your computer for free with our complimentary spyware scanner, to help eliminate this incriminating activity once and for all.

Get your scanner now and remove the spyware on your computer to stop businesses, the government, hackers, and spammers from destroying your life.

To get you scanner simply send an email to:

  hoverman 09:05 17 May 2003

Obviously not the Email Protection service. No idea at all about this spyware software. I certainly have had no such communication from BT. My gut feeling is to wait and see what others have to say before committing youself.

  Morpheus© 09:11 17 May 2003

good point,we will wait..

  hoverman 09:11 17 May 2003

I can't find any reference at all to a spyware program on the BTopenworld homepage. Tread carefully - are you absolutely sure the emails originated from BTopenworld?

  hoverman 09:24 17 May 2003

I have had fraudulent emails in the past that appeared to come from eBay and Paypal requesting I confirm my registration details by clicking on a link. They looked absolutely genuine. Your emails might possibly have come from BT but remember that there are many clever idiots out there who can make anything look like the genuine article.

  Morpheus© 09:26 17 May 2003

that is a good point, can you trust anyone these days.....on the top of the 4 emails is has from"BTopenworld" at the bottom of 3 of them it has sent an email to btopenworld, and on one of them it has,sent an email to"btspywareprotection, at

  Morpheus© 09:29 17 May 2003

"sent" should read "send" :-(

  Forum Editor 09:31 17 May 2003

of the email should be enough to confirm that it certainly isn't from BT.

Paranoid ramblings such as ".....stop businesses, the government, hackers, and spammers from destroying your life." give the game away immediately - no responsible organisation would write such rubbish.

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