BT openworld HELP

  paul654 16:45 16 Aug 2003

I've been using BT openworld (surftime) succesfully for the past 3 years on my old PC. This week I purchased a new PC and I'm trying to transfer my account to the new machine. I've downloaded the up to date openworld surftime software and I've tranfered all my settings word for word yet every time I dial up I am told That I have been unsuccesful logging on and I am directed to an openworld help site which gives me the option to download the latest software...which I have done a dozen times. I have noticed something strange though...My openworld password contains 13******'s but everytime I check my settings there are 15****'s, where are the extra 2**'s coming from? no matter how many times I fill in my password these two extra ** appear, why???? someone suggested it may be the result of a firewall but I aren't using one at the moment. Any suggestions...I'm desperate to get online with my new PC.
And before anyone suggests I ring BT helpline, I already have...they were useless, and I was lumbered with a large bill for it.

  MAJ 17:09 16 Aug 2003

Are you by any chance now using Windows XP were you weren't on the old PC, paul654? If so, that is the cause of the extra **s in your password, XP inserts those as a security measure. Those exta **s will not affect the validity of your password. I would suggest deleting the software you downloaded from BTOpenworld and create your own DUN (dialup Networrking), it usually causes less hassle that BT's own. Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections and, from the left-hand side, choose the "Create a new Connection" option. Enter your details and correct 'phone number in there and that should sort it out for you.

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