bt netprotectplus

  greyballs 11:17 27 Dec 2009

as my norton is about to run out (20dys)left i was thinking about going to bt netprotectplus,dose any body use this or any opinions as to the effectiveness of the prog ,(is it any good)

  Terry Brown 15:05 27 Dec 2009

Before you can install another antivirus program, I recommend you do a google for 'Norton Remove'.

This will completly remove Norton and allow your system to load another antivirus program.

I have never used this prgram,but there are plenty of alternatives out there to chhose from.

My personal choice is Stopsign, for which I pay about £25 per year, but to date, it has always done the job, and when I run (as a check) a program like a2free, it rarely finds any problems.

But as the man say's 'You pays your money and makes your choice'

  greyballs 15:28 27 Dec 2009

thanks terry
we get the netprotect free as part of our internet package with bt,they also claim the prog will remove any existing security suite as it downloads including norton,but i know what you mean we have had norton before and it dose not seem to like been uninstaled.
but it would help to hear somebodys opinion who is running netprotectplus.

  tullie 16:48 28 Dec 2009

I would uninstall it using the Norton removal tool first.

  greyballs 20:28 28 Dec 2009

thanks tullie,i will do that but i just think that £50 to renew is a bit steep,when i can install netprotect for free as part of my deal with BT ,would just like to hear the pros and cons from anyone who has this installed

  jw100 22:40 30 Dec 2009

btnetprotectplus, as you may know, is the full McAfee Security Suite and is very good. I ran it for a while without any problems. At the moment I am trying out Microsoft Security Essentials which seems excellent and is also free.


  greyballs 08:37 31 Dec 2009

thanks jw ,i have just noticed my norton ID safe is missing from my toolbar,wonder if this is because my subscription is coming up for renewel.
anyway i think i will probabaly run with netprotect,its not realy free as it comes with my package from BT we just didnt use it as we still have the bought version of norton 360,but it would still be helpfull to hear a few more opinions on netprotect
thanks again jw.

  FRANKMAC 16:29 01 Jan 2010

Hi, I have been using BT netprotect now for over a year ( on 1 pc and 3 laptops )i think you can use it on 7 pc's free, it installed perfectly and it also uninstalled norton for me, (thou i did clear out a few folders manually afterwards.) So far it has worked fine and has a reasonable amount of good features, i can also say that i have been virus free during that time, it updates automatically and so far trouble free for me.

  Zeppelyn 14:33 06 Jan 2010

What OS are you using? I had it on Vista Ultimate but it kept failing to update and reported errors it could not fix. Reinstalled but kept doing this so after a few weeks I dumped it.Other half has been running it with XP for a year or so without problem

  greyballs 15:01 06 Jan 2010

hi zeppelyn
i am using vista home premium(net p claims to be compatble?)
10 days left on norton so will probabaly give netp a go cheers.

  FRANKMAC 21:28 06 Jan 2010

I should have said, i run xp on desktop and vista home premium on laptops, works fine on both.

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