"BT Modem Protection" - Anti-dialler software

  NickyK 19:52 15 Mar 2005

This is a new product I heard about on today's edition of BBC 2's Working Lunch: click here. Apparently, it is a new product intended to stop unwanted premium-rate diallers in their tracks; and will also work on unwanted international dialling rates. It is being "trialled" and, apparently, BT hope to make it available by June. They are also testing software that alerts the telephone account owner if there is a sudden, unusual increase in their cost-per-minute daily bill (if you get my meaning). I wonder if anyone knows any more about this, I apologize if someone has already posted about this (I did look up this in the archive, but didn't find anything). I have also e-mailed BT asking for more info, and will add/repost (depending) if I find out anything more.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:57 15 Mar 2005

I beleieve that BT, for £1.50/month, willblock all premium rate calls. You do not need this service or any other 'blocking' service if you are on Broadband only as dialers have no chance.


  NickyK 20:10 15 Mar 2005

I know, Gandalf. I use the blocking service already (£1.75 now). Apparently, this is a new product. As far as broadband is concerned, you have to disconnect your 56k modem, which is fine if you know how to do that. Whether or not that stops international call rates, I do not know. Anyway, since not everyone has broadband, this new development may be of interest.

  NickyK 20:13 15 Mar 2005

PS. I've just read an earlier post on this, so I will try it.

  john-232317 20:15 15 Mar 2005

It was on watchdog tonight, apparently a window pops up and tells you a change has been made or attempted, and also instructions on what to do next are shown in the window, but i missed that bit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:15 15 Mar 2005

'you have to disconnect your 56k modem'...just pull the wire out from the back of the computer..


  john-232317 20:15 15 Mar 2005

PS if you log on BBC watchdog it will be on there.

  NickyK 20:39 15 Mar 2005

I'll see what Watchdog has to say; and I'll pull out the wire as Gandalf suggests - if I can work out which it is.

  Zak 20:42 15 Mar 2005

I think that this does the same job:

click here

  Wuggy 10:44 16 Mar 2005

I believe that BT's new software (available in May) allows you to set pre-determined dial-up numbers. Anything else is automatically blocked. This is obviously better than using their current service to block premium rate calls as some diallers are set up to dial the international code 00 and then connect to a premium rate overseas. This is not blocked by BT unless you also get them to block all international calls which, for many, would be a serious inconvenience.

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