Is BT Messing Pipex About?

  Border View 22:37 11 Nov 2005

I've been with Pipex over a year with no problems. I'm on 512 because thats all my line will take.

Over the last few weeks I've had quite a few dropped connections. Absolute problems started on Monday of this week. Thought I'd got things sorted out but this morning "no dial tone", for oveer three hours. Telephoned support who were excellent.
Whilst I have the flashing green light and no dial tone as soon as I try to connect to the dial up free telephone number my broadband connection amazingly restores itself. Now this has happened twice today. I have started to wonder is BT messing about with Pipex. Are BT over streched. Not happy about "now you have a connection now you dont."

Has anyone else had similar problems.

  Stuartli 00:14 12 Nov 2005

Highly unlikely. Pipex, whom I've been with since 1966 on a dialup connection, is one of the oldest and most renowned ISPs in the UK.

It originally largely catered for big businnesses before enlarging its domestic base and BT would play a big role in that development.

As you have already discovered, Pipex support is first class and, in my sole experience of needing to contact it over the past nine years, fully merits your approval.

My son, when he first took up broadband about three years ago, switched from a Tiscali dialup account to Pipex and has never regretted it.

He acknowledges that he has had to pay a slightly higher fee annually for his Pipex broadband service, but woudl quickly point out that the promised speeds, upgrades, personal website maintenance and overall support has been of the highest order.

I'm aware of his views because, as you may perhaps be aware from other threads, I'm finding Tiscali's broadband provision something of a pain in the.......:-))

  Forum Editor 00:41 12 Nov 2005

BT would want to mess about with Pipex - or with any other broadband supplier for that matter.

All broadband services come from BT in the first place anyway - they wholesale the service to people like Pipex - and if anyone has an interest in keeping broadband services alive and well it's BT Wholesale.

  Audeal 01:07 12 Nov 2005

I had this dropped connection problem recently, and I am with Pipex. I phoned them up and they told me I must carry out some tests myself. This is what I had to do:

Move my computer into the living room and set it up on the table. Disconnect the telephone. Connect your modem directly to the phone wall socket, Use your filter here. You must not use any extension leads as they may be faulty. Boot up and log on to the internet. leave the modem connected for two hours to check if it drops the connection. If the modem stays connected for the two hours then the problem is with your leads. If the connection drops more that two times in the two hours then there must be a problem at Pipex's end. You should then phone them and report what you have just done and the result.

Like you I had lost my connection for more that half an hour due to no dial tone so I blamed BT for the bad connection. When I phoned BT they told me they could not do anything until I had contacted Pipex so they could check their end and contact them if needed.

My problem turned out to be my extension cable. When I replaced it the connection did not drop quite as often. Yes, I still loose my connection from time to time but I can live with that as it only takes about five seconds to reconnect.

If you have not been told to do this then I am surprised. Try it and see if it will help you. Good luck.


  Border View 10:18 12 Nov 2005

Many thanks for responding everyone.

  Halmer 11:16 12 Nov 2005

I think that they are good albeit a bit pricey. I haven't had any problems recently and am on Extreme 3.I had this from them recently.

As part of the PIPEX Speed Upgrade Programme, your local telephone exchange
was recently upgraded to support faster broadband services.

Your Xtreme Solo2Go 500 service was automatically put forward for an upgrade to a
Solo 1000 service, but unfortunately we have received a response from
BT informing us that your telephone line is unable to support a faster
service at this time.

The reason why a faster broadband service cannot be supported is probably
due to the quality of your telephone line or the distance of your premises
from the local telephone exchange.

It is almost certain that no other broadband service provider using BT
ADSL circuits to supply customers with broadband services will currently
be able to provide you with a 1Mbps service. However, as we continue to work
very closely with BT to develop and improve the availability of broadband
we may contact you at some point in the future if the situation changes.

In the meantime your PIPEX broadband service will continue to work as normal
at 512Kbps, and you will benefit from a price reduction. You will now pay just
£17.01 excl. VAT (£19.99 incl. VAT) per month from your next billing period.
If you have paid quarterly or annually in advance you will receive a credit
against your next bill to reflect the pricing change.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on
0845 077 2455 or email us on [email protected].

  Taw® 12:49 12 Nov 2005

Halmer this is exactly what I was told in May read here click here as you can see after a little while I ended up with my upgrade. Barmoor sorry for that intrusion on your post.

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