BT Max upto 8mb

  BJN 14:21 13 May 2006

Has anyone esle had a problem with this service. I've been on it just over 1 month and have changed back to my old 2mb connection.

The problem was even thought BT say my line can support 6-8mb it could not. The max sync speed I got in that month was 1860kb/s, drooping slowly over a period of time to 482kb/s. I carried out the usual checks of using mater socket, changing filter, trying diffrent modem/adsl router and carrying uot alot of speedtests over days at BT request. Then they sent an engineer who got the same results with his laptop and said he was off to exchnage to check out equipment, he never called back to inform me of what the outcome was. I contacted my ISP 2 days later to be told that there was no fault, so I was stuck with a very slow line after having a rock steady 2mb line for over a year. Well to cut a long story short, I went to adsl guides forum and a nice lady called Helen form my ISp picked up my posting, she arranged to convert me back to 2mb line, it happened next day, now back to rock steady 2mb line and sync at 2272kb/s. The bouns was she also allowed me to change my product saving me £5 per mont. After a month of hell I'm back to steady 2mb line at a saving of £5 per month.

Just be warned the UPTO 8mb service is a lottery, you may get better speeds, or even worse, your sync rate is all over the place during the day.

Good luck to anyone who it works for, but check if you can migrate back to your old service before you change as not all ISP's allow you to.


  [DELETED] 14:51 13 May 2006

My 8MB conn has settled at 6.5MB it doesnt go higher that this but somtimes it struggles to get 4Mb,i am happy with it as my mobem a voyager 100 is only supposed to be rated for 4Mb and as i had 2Mb before im happy with anything better than this,i may invest in a new modem/router i have seen a nice offer on a Bt voyager 240 rated at 8Mb for £49.99,i just dont want to spend and not get better than i have now)

  [DELETED] 15:14 13 May 2006

i am only getting 340kbs upload is this normal 4mb download on bt

  [DELETED] 15:40 13 May 2006

That's about right I would say.

BJN - Sorry it didn't work out for you. At least you could go back to a stable 2 Meg line. "your sync rate is all over the place during the day"...this isn't the case for me, mine has been stable from the beginning.

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