BT Master socket move.

  Bald Eagle 11:09 16 Dec 2011

My BT master socket is in the downstairs toilet underneath the soil pipe. It was installed when the house was built 26 years ago. I am having it moved to a drier position and changed to a BT Master NTE5 and the BT ADSL bottom plate fitted. Basically this is because every month or so I have to open the master box and "dry" it out to stop crackling on the phone line.

However, I would be interested in any BB improvements such as line noise. I know I can access this by interrogating the modem but what figures should I be interested in? At the moment I am getting 4.8 download and 600 upload using a TalkTalk provided SmartAX MT882. Would it pay to upgrade the modem while I am having this work done?


  spuds 11:43 16 Dec 2011

Having a new box doesn't necessarily mean that you can guarantee better speeds, because it will all depend on what (in this case) Talk Talk and BT provides, and the profile that they had set for you.

Routers and modems can make a difference, and this would show perhaps in reliable reviews. One point perhaps worth mentioning, is that some router's prove better on LLU systems (Talk Talk use LLU), than other routers, even from the same manufacturer, usually via the 'better' chipset used in the device.

  robin_x 12:07 16 Dec 2011

The Ringing Wire is not needed these days. (Pin 3 Orange/White).

Which leaves just two. Blue/White and White/Blue (2 and 5)

Disconnecting can reduce noise pickup or fit a BT iPlate.

An ADSL Faceplate is also a recent'ish improvement.

4.8Mbps sounds reasonable on an 8MBps service if you are a mile or two from the exchange.

See samknows for your exchange details

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