BT Master Socket / Line Noise Problem

  Hove Actually 13:27 03 Oct 2008

For the last few weeks I have been going back and forth between BT and my broadband provider.

My provider says there is noise on the line and BT say there isn't. I am using the master socket and dont have any extensions or anything else. I have changed the face plate as it was only 2 screws and remove to cables and put them back in the new plate which was simple. I still have the problem of a slow connection.

Is there any testers that can tell me if there is or not as apparently I can only use up to 2meg now on my line instead of 8meg.

  woodchip 14:04 03 Oct 2008

Do you have any mains 240volt cables running near to BT line?

  Hove Actually 14:08 03 Oct 2008

No I don't.

Everything had been working OK.

  woodchip 14:11 03 Oct 2008

Then its a BT problem that needs sorting, Can you hear noise on the phone? or bad line

  johndrew 14:13 03 Oct 2008

There is some information on checking for this kind of problem. Try these

click here
click here

If one of the following is not your ISP, perhaps a check of their pages may reveal a bit more.

click here
click here

And this may help you deal with BT

click here

  Hove Actually 14:15 03 Oct 2008

BT say they have done a line test and all is clear. I'm not sure if that includes checks on the broadband side or not.

I don't hear any noise on the line but I hardly use the phone at all.

I was wondering if there was any cheap testing kits I can get to check.

  Salut 17:30 03 Oct 2008

You will need to insist that BT come and make a thorough check of your line.

We moved recently and there was no dial tone what so ever on any of the internal phone lines. Yet, the BT girl claimed that a check had been done and that the line was OK.

When the engineer eventually turned up (five days later) he too could not get a signal at the house! So much for the line test.

If in your local area there is anyone advertising broadband line/telephone installations they will have the required equipment to check the lines for you.

Being fobbed off by BT is all part of their so called customer service.

  Dipso 00:39 04 Oct 2008

Who is your ISP?

If you are on ADSL Max (up to 8 Meg), take this test click here and post back with the results.

Can you access your line stats from your modem or router? This tells you how click here Post back with those too.

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