BT Mail versus Me

  Diemmess 15:10 13 Dec 2013

8 days ago I was hacked and am still rebuilding the finer bits of my email.

In the folders section I have two compilations of screennames. Call them Pick and Play. Pick has 8 members names in it Play has 12 and if starting an email, I type P in the 'To' box (the program offers both possible folder names). Another letter makes it clear that I want "Pick" sends it into the email.

With Play, I get nothing.

I have spent hours on BT's freephone trying to converse with a rich sub-continental accent, the worst this morning totalling 1 hour today. I failed because though she loaded control of my screen she wouldn't let me show the problem. She had an unhelpful habit of turning me off while she was thinking and moving the cursor around.

She said it was "Escalated to replying to me within the next 48hrs".

Please don't waste your time with this unless you have been in this situation yourself. It is usable but needs a knowing tweak or three!

  Diemmess 15:49 07 Jan 2014

That was the beginning of a week or so of chaos, learning what had happened and now moving on.

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