BT Mail Using Client Programmes Problem

  Legslip 21:41 04 Dec 2018

My friend has installed Outlook 2013 on his home PC and asked if I could connect it to his BT email account. I went through the normal setup process and asked my friend for his email password. Unfortunately he had no idea as to what that was, so I went through the forgotten password process on the BT.Com site. Once a new password was established and entered into Outlook, I endeavored to connect his email. The connection continually failed to setup stating that there was a problem with the password/username. I changed his password a number of times more on BT’s site and likewise in Outlook, but the connections failed.

My friend also has his email setup on his IPhone and android tablet and since the change of password procedure, and constantly updating the password on his devices, the connection still fails. (On android it states ‘checking incoming server settings’ then states ‘mail.btinternet isn’t responding’).

I have tried both POP3 and IMAP settings to no avail.

I rang 150 and explained the issue but was met with a very low technical understanding of the matter and a purely defensive line of ‘ if you can log into your mail at the BT.Com website then we can do no more’.

The fact is that all was working well before any password changes and since, three client programmes (Outlook, IOS and Android) fail to connect, which, to me, indicates problems at BT’s server end. Any further thoughts/ideas?

  wee eddie 22:48 04 Dec 2018

back to basics. Your problems started without the password which you should have ascertained "before you started"..

First, get access on the ISP's (BT's) site. wait at least 24 hours and then start again

  KEITH 1955 22:54 04 Dec 2018

high legslip let me put you out of your misery you are NOT doing anything wrong. I am a bt customer and for some time now their server has had a lot of problems but they wont admit it. I use thunderbird and I am always having problems from the bt server.

This is what you must do.

Through outlook set up a password and if you are told something is wrong go onto the login page and look at emails directly from the server page.

I also have the same problems you describe on my tablet so I put the bt mail app on in for when the standard email app don't work.

As I say bt wont admit to a problem , their stock answer is ( via india ) you got a virus ….. not true !

  KEITH 1955 22:56 04 Dec 2018

high eddie you jumped in with answer as I was typing mine lol

  Legslip 00:06 06 Dec 2018

Thanks good people. I tried again this morning after about twelve hours after changing my password and all work Ked OK. It would seem that Bats email servers, after a password change, lock client programmes out for a number of hours. They won't admit it and first line support on 150 are unaware of the problem. I'll write to their MD asking if they could put a warning on their password change page.

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