BT and limited capacity at telephone exchanges

  CurlyWhirly 07:11 06 Sep 2004

I have just been to a website with details of my local exchange (which has been broadband enabled since May 2003) and on the details page it states:

"There is limited capacity at your exchange for further ADSL connections. Capacity is due to be increased on 15/09/2004"

What exactly does this mean?
Does BT just add more ADSL connections and if so wouldn't this be expensive?

  plsndrs3 08:40 06 Sep 2004

Although not a direct answer to your question, it will bump your posting back to the top so others might respond.

I have just moved from Norfolk to Suffolk - about 10 miles. Whilst in Norfolk, I had 4 lines going into my home and these were installed from scratch within 2 weeks. However, in my new home, I waited 2 months for BT to upgrade an existing line to ADSL and am still waiting for a second line to be put into my office at home. I was told that 'capacity' issues have created this delay and am still waiting for trunking [completed 2 weeks ago] and new cabling for my second line. I am not REALLY in the sticks - I live just outside a relatively large town - and there will be about 800 homes built over the next few years on land joining the back of my property. Perhaps, based on my experience, there ARE limited capacity for ADSL and additional phone lines, depending on where you live.

Interestingly, AOL managed to upgrade my private phone line to Broadband within 3 days ....


  CurlyWhirly 08:44 06 Sep 2004

Interestingly, AOL managed to upgrade my private phone line to Broadband within 3 days ....

Thanks for replying.
Just querying how AOL can upgrade your private phone line to broadband within 3 days when BT own the telephone infrastructure!

  plsndrs3 09:40 06 Sep 2004

Precisely my view in the phone call to BT - yet they did it [?]



  Graham ® 10:40 06 Sep 2004

Two factors come into the equation.

The actual ADSL equipment in the exchange consists of rack mounted shelves into which the cards are mounted. Therefore more shelves may be needed, or if the rack is full, more racks are needed.

Then to physically connect your house, business, etc., a pair of wires is needed for each line. This will often be carried in various cables and cross-connection points. Any bottle-neck along the way may entail extensive engineering work to add further capacity.

  Graham ® 11:25 06 Sep 2004

Further to the above, check your exchange click here

  plsndrs3 15:17 06 Sep 2004

Good link - my exchange status is 'red', which reflects the amount of time I have been waiting for a second line & the issues with broadband!


  CurlyWhirly 17:19 06 Sep 2004

Graham ®
Thanks for the link. I have saved it on favourites.

My exchange status is red too so I just hope that BT will be upgrading it soon as it is close to capacity at the moment according to the report!

  CurlyWhirly 17:30 06 Sep 2004

Just had an e-mail off AOL and I am able to upgrade to 1 mb service (from 512 kb) using BT's new limits.

  Dorsai 17:44 06 Sep 2004

My exchange comes up red too.

that is three out of three. HArdly a large enough sample for a poll, but still..3 out of three anint good.

  vibrant 17:58 06 Sep 2004

My exchange is amber.

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