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  ams4127 19:18 04 Jun 2010

Is anyone else having troubles with Btinternet email service at the moment?

I have been unable to access it, either through WLM or direct through the BT Yahoo website, since Wednesday evening. Keeps returning "Error code 1" and "An incorrect password was entered".

I know the password is correct but, just to be on the safe side, I have altered it.

I'm fairly sure the problem lies with the BT servers rather than my machine, because I dual boot and get the same error with Ubuntu using Mozilla Thunderbird.

I have filled in their problem form and submitted it. Not much use really as they say they will contact me by email!!?.

Can anyone please direct me to a good phone number I could use?

Many thanks in advance.

  Sea Urchin 19:22 04 Jun 2010

"I know the password is correct but, just to be on the safe side, I have altered it".

How do you manage to change your password if you cannot get your original one accepted?

  ams4127 20:49 04 Jun 2010

Sea Urchin

Thanks for your reply and I understand your scepticism!

By delving into the depths of I found a page enabling me to reset my account password. I have now reset it in WLM and Thunderbird (Win7 and Ubuntu). BTinternet (via Thunderbird) recognises the new password but says the account is temporally unavailable. I am able to login to my account at using the new password.

I have been to the BT website which gives the current fault status reports (5 current, but do not match my phone code).

I suppose patience really is a virtue.

  Sea Urchin 22:10 04 Jun 2010

Wasn't scepticism but genuine interest as to how you managed to do it. But if the BTYahoo site is signing you in with your new password then I guess you've done it.

One problem that can occur on BTInternet accounts is the box beside "My server requires authentication" can become UNticked. Check in both WLM and Thunderbird.

One other point - I have known the BTInternet status page to be not exactly accurate in terms of which exchanges are down - although to be fair I think several ISPs fall down on this point. However, I would have thought that 48 hours was quite a bad outage if that's the case. But if you changed nothing in your computer between Tuesday and Wednesday (including program updates) then it may well be a fault at their end.

The usual free phone number they give out is simply a recording of the information on the status page - and they seem very coy about providing a helpline number. Odd for a telecommunications company.

  Ashrich 23:37 04 Jun 2010

If you can access your account through BT Yahoo webmail but not through an email program then it seems that BT Yahoo are having a problem with their pop3 accounts ,which you would be using for WLM or Thunderbird to fetch mail from the server .


  p;3 14:17 05 Jun 2010

click here

this server is still up and running ; I have just logged in to manually check the server

  Sea Urchin 14:25 05 Jun 2010

"I have been unable to access it, either through WLM or direct through the BT Yahoo website"

"I am able to login to my account at using the new password"

These two statements don't seem to be compatible. If you can access your account and send and receive successfully then I would suspect your settings in WLM and Thunderbird.

  ams4127 17:06 05 Jun 2010

Thanks all for your kind replies.

Sea Urchin. I agree with you that the two statements do not seem compatible but the fact still remains that I can login to the BT Yahoo website (using the link suggested by p;3) but, when trying to get my email, I get the message "Your inbox is currently unavailable"

Using Thunderbird or WLM (with the authentication boxes ticked) produces the same error.

It must surely be that BT are having trouble at their end. I just wish I could find a way of contacting them and confirming it.

Many thanks again for all your help thus far.

  Sea Urchin 17:37 05 Jun 2010

OK so I had understood correctly earlier. It was just that when you say "I am able to login to my account at using the new password" that would normally mean you can use the account OK. I think Ashley (above) also thought that was what you meant.

So I would still agree with you - I think it may well be a BTYahoo problem.

  mooly 17:55 05 Jun 2010

Yes I got error code 1 yesterday... happened just once. Been fine before and after that event.

  ams4127 21:08 05 Jun 2010

Thanks mooly. No disrespect intended, but I'm glad it happened to someone else as well as me!!

Thank you for all your help Sea Urchin. I've just found a page on the BT site and fired off a tech help request and will wait and see what happens. Although a lot of my emails are important, none could be said to be "mission critical" if that's the correct modern speak. Just as well I'm not running a business.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, folks.

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