Bt internet billing problem

  mahalo 19:39 03 Nov 2005

I have bt broadband and have a Yahoo basic email service which is free. I have received an email from Yahoo saying they will take a payment of 0.01p, (yes , one penny) from my account tomorrow. Stating my monthly payment has changed and an advanced payment of 0.01p will be taken. I pay my payments to It's very confusing.
Has anyone else received this or is it one of those attempts to get you to reply ?.

  ACOLYTE 19:49 03 Nov 2005

I have Bt yahoo,but i havent had any emails from them about raises in payments.
I had 1 last month telling me my cap limit had risen to 40 gig thats about it.

  mahalo 20:39 03 Nov 2005

This is the first communication of any sort from Yahoo. I am concerned that if thay can take 0.01p from my account with, what next ?.
I think a phone call is in order tomorrow.

  johnnyrocker 23:14 03 Nov 2005

ring your bank and cancel any ddr/so you might have in place for them til they then query payment rejection and then you can ask them for an explanation in full.


  johnnyrocker 23:15 03 Nov 2005

so refers to standing order


  PaulB2005 07:42 04 Nov 2005

"ring your bank and cancel any ddr/so you might have in place for them til they then query payment rejection and then you can ask them for an explanation in full."

NEVER do that as you will open yourself to more trouble. You can end up with a bad credit rating and possible court action.

First of all query the e-mail with BT Yahoo. Is it genuine? Do not use any e-mail addreses inside the e-mail. This may be a Phishing Mail. Contact BT Yahoo from their website.

As the amount is only a penny you stand to lose nothing (well a penny) if you pay. Fail to pay and you can loose a lot more.

NEVER just cancel DDs or Standing Orders.

  pavvi 18:29 04 Nov 2005

leave the dd as it is as they will only charge you for a failed dd otherwise. This would then cost you at least a fiver...

  spuds 20:01 04 Nov 2005

Sounds a bit like a spoof. Let the penny roll, and check your account tomorrow or next week, and see if it was taken from your account.

  mahalo 20:24 04 Nov 2005

We rang Bt, they did not know anything about it, so we rang Yahoo. It seems to keep our free email address their system is to charge one penny and then "remove" it or in real terms refund it. An employee forgot to "remove" it, hence the email received. We have been assured that it wont happen again but one asks oneself why bother in the first place, red tape probably.
I know it cost us telephone calls for about 30 minutes, but it was better to be safe than sorry.
I agree, stoppimg the payment arrangements could cause bother that is why we phoned first. We are all aware of the phishing going on, luckily this wasn't the case here.
Thank you for help folks.

  LimestoneRock 14:59 05 Nov 2005

Isn't 0.01p a one hundredth of a penny anyhow?

  PaulB2005 15:02 05 Nov 2005


£0.01p without the £ sign

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