bt. internet - automatic startup

  badgermansix 07:25 21 Mar 2010

WinXP sp3.
My friend uses
To get on line she has to connect manually, I am with Virgin and I am connected online (via int exe)automatically.
Is there a way for her to be connected automatically when she opens internet explorer?

thank you

  Technotiger 09:09 21 Mar 2010

Does your friend have a BTHomeHub, and if so what version, also what BT Option does your friend have?

  badgermansix 09:54 21 Mar 2010

Technotiger, thank you for replying.

I have spoken to her, she does not use a hub and is on option 3, does this help?

  badgermansix 09:58 21 Mar 2010

I have just been corrected..., she says that she does have a hub - version 2? but she has never connected because her PC is connected straight into the wall socket?

  rawprawn 10:02 21 Mar 2010

She should connect the hub as per BT instructions and it will then solve her problem.
If she can, she is better to connect manually rather than using the CD BT supplies.

  Technotiger 10:10 21 Mar 2010

I would advise her to use the BTHomeHub rather than the direct connection. I have the same setup BTHomeHub Version 2.0, BT Option3 - my hub is always on, even when PC is off and I am always on-line as soon as I start my PC. She does not need to use the BT CD to make the connection/setup, simply switch everything off, then connect telephone line to hub, hub to power and to PC, using the supplied ethernet cable to PC. She should then switch everything on, start PC and wait for the four blue lights on hub to settle down, may take a minute or two, then start IE.

  Technotiger 10:14 21 Mar 2010

PS - if she does not have the BT Hub Telephone, then she will only have three blue lights on hub, not four!

  Technotiger 10:39 21 Mar 2010

Just had another thought - remind her to use ADSL Filters on all telephone points in her home for the Broadband to work properly.

  Technotiger 10:56 21 Mar 2010
  badgermansix 16:46 23 Mar 2010

Thank you all very much, I will pass this on, I am sure it will help.
thanks again.

  badgermansix 11:58 05 Apr 2010

Technotiger, now sorted with you help, tyvm.

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