BT Internet & 3com adsl router

  Rockarch 15:21 15 Feb 2005

Hi I'm trying to set up a router with an XP home laptop & 3com 11g ADSL router.The bb account is a BT Yahoo OPenworld one.I've followed all the instructions, got the settings from the BT website & been all the way through the user guide and I can't figure out why it won't connect to the web.The laptop talks fine to the router but no web connection. The only thing I can think of is when you connect to BT Yahoo through a modem you have to enter a Network ID rather than your username so is this what you need to enter in the router setup screen as well? Also in user name do you enter the whole email address or just the username before the @ . I tried both but neither works.
Has anyone else solved a similar problem?
Any suggestions gratefully received - especially as I'm doing it for my parents & it's taking hours!

  Chezdez 16:49 15 Feb 2005

yes, the network ID (and password?) will need saving in the router

for the e-mail, it would most probably just be the bit before the @, but on your welcome pack it should tell you the difference between your username and e-mail

you might wanna check this against the routers spec, but the type of connection you are after (i think, not sure for BT yahoo) is a PPPoE (Point-to-Point over Ethernet), where as, with the modem, it was a PPPoA (Point-to-Point over ATM)

if the router doesn't support PPPoE, it won't work (i think, but you might wanna wait until somebody who uses BT yahoo comes along)

  Rockarch 17:32 15 Feb 2005

Thanks for the suggestions - I got all the details from the BT website & its PPPoA for them. I think I was being thick & got frustrated so didn't try the network ID at the time. Anyway I'm going back to my folks tomorrow for another stab at it.
Would be glad to hear from anyone using BT Yahoo that this is the case

  Forum Editor 18:00 15 Feb 2005

built in you'll need to configure it via your web browser. The router instructions will contain an IP address, which you type into the broswer's address bar once you've connected the laptop and the router, using the network cable that was supplied.

Your BT login details must be written to the router's firmware, so it can connect automatically, each time it's turned on. Enter your login details exactly as supplied by BT when you signed up for your broadband service - usually these take the form of [email protected] or similar, plus a password.

The Hg part stands for 'Home gateway', and the numeral will alter, depending on how many gateways your particular exchange has installed.

Once you've done this, you should be OK. The router will automatically authenticate you on the gateway, and you'll be on the internet.

  Rockarch 18:14 15 Feb 2005

Many thanks Forum editor - i realise that I had used the username - [email protected] rather than the network ID with the hg bit so with any luck it will all work next time I try.

  Forum Editor 23:41 17 Feb 2005

that it will - perhaps you'll let us know?

  Rockarch 19:02 18 Feb 2005

Yes all worked fine this morning when I went back to set it up. I have to say its not immediately obvious that the network ID is what you need(but then the whole BT Yahoo thing seems to hijack your PC a bit - I'm very glad I don't have it). BT provide all the settings for wireless routers on their website so it would be helpful if they could also add that its the network ID that should be used as they also give a user name.
Thanks for the assistance

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