BT Infinity Download Speed

  williamj 09:39 27 Jan 2012

My BT Broadband download speed has dropped from 30Mbs to 11Mbs, and BT's Broadband speed checker will not complete the speed checks. Has anyone any comment if there is a connection between reduced speed and the detection program? I can obtain speed checks using Global ( )

  The Kestrel 16:58 27 Jan 2012

When you took up Infinity, BT will have given you an acceptable range for your downstream and upstream speeds. If 11Mbs is within the downstream range, I would expect BT to do nothing, but it may still be worth contacting them and telling them of the sudden loss of speed. However if 11Mbs is below the acceptable range of downstream speeds then it will be worth contacting BT who should investigate the problem.

  williamj 11:26 01 Feb 2012

BT engineer checked the available BT Infinity download speed at the incoming socket and at the Data Extension Lead input to my Openreach Modem, and the speed was the available maximum 40Mps. Several download speed checks were carried out on 2 PC's using Global and BT speed calculators, and the Global speed check gave the low reading about 7.5Mps, but the BT speed check failed even on the Beta check. The Browser I had for the above tests was I.E.8. I decided to install Google Chrome as my Browser, and Hey Presto the speeds I get are now more than acceptable 33Mps, and the BT speed checker works, and gives the same reading as Global. Can any one comment on why IE8 blocks BT tests and Google has no problems? Or has anyone experienced similar problems?

  The Kestrel 13:41 01 Feb 2012

Your problem with IE8 seems very odd. I have just tested my broadband speeds with speedtest on both IE and Chrome and got almost identical results for Infinity of 37 Mps down and 1.6 Mps up.

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