BT Infinity 40Gb usage - Is it enough?

  Border View 11:45 23 Nov 2012

I am in the of moving from o2 to BT Infinity. I dont down load films, but do use BBC iPlayer sometimes on my TV. My other main uses are family history research and browsing the internet.

The package I have been offered has a download limit of 40 Gb a month. Can anyone tell me if this will be sufficient. If you have any questions about my usage please feel free to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 23 Nov 2012

I do similar to you and use about 6G a month

40G will be plenty for your needs.

  Border View 12:10 23 Nov 2012

Many thanks for responding. Waiting on MAC code from o2 - coming by e-mail. Spoke with chap from BT about 40Gb usage and he tells me that if (dont think I will) I exceed 40Gb in the first month they do not charge. After that its £5 for every 5Gb exceeded.

Will be able to keep an eye on it.

Silly I know, but quite excited at getting higher speeds. I've been on 2.4 download for ages now. Fastest was 2.8. Infinity are quoting 23.7. Yes, yes, yes.

  Forum Editor 13:27 23 Nov 2012

You should be fine, as the others have said. By far the biggest culprit, as far as your use goes will be iPlayer.

Be aware that your Infinity downstream speed will probably vary for a week or so, and will then settle down.

  northumbria61 14:18 23 Nov 2012

As per all others - I have 40GB use about 5-6GB per month and regularly watch SKY Sports (several football matches per month)

  Border View 15:16 23 Nov 2012

Many thanks for the advice everyone.

  Ian in Northampton 16:34 23 Nov 2012

The only thing to watch out for is multiple users... When my daughter was at home, her iPlayer habit together with her mum's, plus my daughter being incessantly on YouTube, plus goodness knows what other streaming, plus my son's gaming (most of them downloaded) plus other daughter being home from college meant that we regularly used in excess of 100GB/month. Thank goodness for PlusNet's truly unlimited service - which, sadly, I believe they no longer offer.

  Border View 16:51 23 Nov 2012

Hi Ian - luckily I am the only one using the internet in our house. Hubby not into computers.

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