BT Hub - wireless connection

  lindyloo4 20:25 19 Jan 2008

My nextdoor neighbour is having problems making a wireless connection to his new laptop. He is running Vista and it is a BT Hub he is trying to connect to. No problems with a cable connection.

He puts the setup disc in and it runs the automatic search, finding a BT Hub connection but it isn't his. He runs "retry" and still nothing. The only one it ever comes up with is obviously another neighbours. It would be so much easier if he could just type his details in but he doesn't get that option.
He is next to the Hub when he is attempting to connect so it is not as though he is out of range.

Has anyone any suggestions I can pass on?

Thanks in advance

  brundle 20:35 19 Jan 2008

Push the topmost button on the side of the Homehub for 3 seconds (labelled Wireless Association if I recall), two of the green lights on the front will flash orange for 5-10 mins. Try the network connection again. No need to bother with the CD.

  Bobby 20:42 19 Jan 2008

Connect to the hub again with the ethernet cable, and type in in Internet Explorer to access the hub's menus. Somewhere in the hub's advanced menus you will find an option to change the wireless channel used. Instead of automatic, which selects channel one, select manual, and try channel 11. It worked for me!!

  lindyloo4 20:43 19 Jan 2008

I'll pass that on. Thanks. Fingers crossed

  lindyloo4 21:43 26 Jan 2008

After many problems it was found to be a faulty BT Hub. As soon as it was replaced a connection was made straight away.

Thanks again for all those who helped

  g000we 18:54 10 Feb 2008

Just fixed our wireless to BT Hub with a Vista machine.
We had to change our channel to channel 1 instead of 11. For some reason having it at channel 11 was causing problems! It could also just be the action of changing the channel that fixed it?! Unsure. Try it out.

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