BT Hub router/modem Question

  smudger1767 22:45 15 Jul 2006

Hi there , at the moment I have my BB with talktalk, but I switched from BT BB. The question I have is with the BT BB I conected with a BT Hub router/modem which is always on, but with talktalk Ive got a stupid usb modem which isnt. Is it possible to use the talktalk with the BT Hub router/modem. The model is Inventel DV4212-BT.

  mgmcc 23:14 15 Jul 2006

I suspect the "Inventel DV4212-BT" is locked to BT's own broadband service, which they tend to do by only allowing you to enter a BT Username in its settings.

For example, the Voyager 2091 is supplied as part of a BT package and is locked to BT. The Voyager 2100 is a retail version that can be used with other ADSL providers. If your router was supplied as part of a BT package, it is unlikely to work with other providers.

  ade.h 00:31 16 Jul 2006

click here Also posted in the Helproom.

  nathan173 00:25 20 Dec 2007

i got the same router and i dont know how to set up soc an sum 1 help plz

  Kemistri 01:07 20 Dec 2007

Please don't hijack a thread. As noted in the guidelines, you should start your own.

If you want to know how to configure a device, the manual is always the best starting point.

  nathan173 09:09 20 Dec 2007

k soz im new didnt know the rules

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