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  rob3600 21:38 15 Oct 2008

A friend of mine is currently with BT where she received the free phone hub etc, she has been that BT have given the free phone away under false pretences, where as she naver been encouraged to use the hub phone by BT.

She has also been told by a friend that if she wants she can contact BT and ask for her contract to come to an end -with a few months to go where she will have to pay a set fee for however many months left. She feels as if it was a mistake goint with BT and wants to move from them, does anyone else have a poor experience with BT?

  Technotiger 21:44 15 Oct 2008

I have nothing but praise for BT as far as my own experiences are concerned. I too have the BTHome Hub (Option 3) including the BT Talk telephone, which does give me cheaper calls.

What false pretences are you talking about? To my mind that is just rubbish! And what do you mean 'she has never been encouraged to use the hub phone' ??? Why would anyone need encouragement to save money on cheaper calls? Just use it!

  T I M B O 21:46 15 Oct 2008

Whick hub is it, the black curvey one, or the white one. In all there have been 3 BT Hub's. What tarrif is she on, if it's tarrif 3 then she is supposed to get that handset for free with an 18 months contract along with the hub. You can make calls for £0.01p per min to usa or australia, so not a bad package. Like all companies there are always bad luck stories, i deal with these type of issues all day and actually Bt is prolly a better one of the lot.

  T I M B O 21:48 15 Oct 2008

Also BT have free fone numbers and they actually answer too. If you cant sort the problem yourself, then they do a remote and assist you with ur pc, many companies that have help lines dont even know what a router is, and thats no joke, stick with Bt.

  mammak 22:27 15 Oct 2008

I also have nothing but praise for BT, I too have option 3 and find it an excellent package.

'she has never been encouraged to use the hub phone'

I wouldn't have thought this reason alone? would allow your friend to opt out of her contract with BT, sorry.

  T I M B O 22:31 15 Oct 2008

I agree with you.

Rob, did she ask for this fone or was she just sent it in the post close to the end of the contract ??

  rob3600 01:33 16 Oct 2008

Mt fried said it was the black phone and it came with the package when she signed up option 3. I think the main concerns for her are that apparently the cost of her calls have been going up all the time.

  The Old Mod 07:14 16 Oct 2008

I can't falt BT, I too have the Hub and phone, you don't have to use the phone if you don't want to, the calls are free after 6 in the evening and at week ends. I'm sorry but I don't understand the problem!

  T I M B O 08:37 16 Oct 2008

I know it's not what you want to hear, but i would stick with BT also. I have had 1 or 2 ISP's and i found that BT is one of the better ones. BT are spending up to £1.5 billion to get ur speed up to 100Mb download by the year 2010 i think it was, i think that’s pretty good commitment by Bt to stay with the times. Also the BT Vision looks pretty neat also, but you do need a digital Ariel with this package and it's £6 per month.

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