BT Homehub Problems Revisited 2012

  mikeystipe 21:02 04 Oct 2012

I have previously tried to use various versions of BTs Homehub to extend a friend's network with varying degrees of success - see previous post.

Have tried master/slave set up with HH2 as per notes on the Jarviser site and also used latest HH3 as a master with a HH2 as a slave.

Without initially going in to all the various combinations I've tried my question is can anybody recommend a "guaranteed" for the following setup :

Using a BT Homehub3 as main hub. Use a 2nd Hub/Repeater/Range Extender,etc

Above connected via Ethernet cable or Homeplugs on same ring main

Wireless Devices to be able to connect to the above consistently.

Thanks Mike

  Nontek 21:31 04 Oct 2012

Have you tried Homeplugs? One connects to router and main PC, then another connects to any Mains socket and is then connected to another PC via Ethernet cable from the homeplug to PC.

You should include a link here to your other thread.

  Nontek 21:33 04 Oct 2012

You can use as many homeplugs as you wish for several PCs, as long as they are all on the same ring-mains.

  mikeystipe 15:23 07 Oct 2012


Link to original problem setup here :

I have already tried with Homeplugs and this seems to work fine when I have a connection which is not often! I am assuming that the Older Hubs in combination with the HH3 are the issue (barring some sort of electrical interference or similar)

Therefore trying to connect a Homehub3 via CAT5 to some other router/extender/whatever seems to be the simplest solution.

I'm hoping somebody has similar issues and has managed to resolve.

I've posted on this and the BT forums and had a look on the web but not come up with a working solution yet.


  rdave13 15:57 07 Oct 2012

I wouldn't be happy to use WEP security to start with. Why not use the HH3 only and use homeplugs as an answer?

  mikeystipe 16:36 07 Oct 2012


I agree with your comments regarding WEP and would prefer to use WPA/WPA2. Assuming I use either Homeplugs or a dedicated wired connection from HH3 to 2nd Hub/Router can you suggest a suitable device?

Thanks Mike

  rdave13 16:51 07 Oct 2012

Why use a second Hub/router? The idea of homeplugs is that it is secure and convenient to use around the house. So long as you use the same ring main then it should work OK. If you use homeplugs then your wirless key can be WPA2 which is the best encryption to date.

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