BT Homehub, laptop, printer and wireless troubles

  onthelimit1 15:34 29 Apr 2014

Not a plea for help (for a change), but an oddity which I wonder if anyone else has come across. Family with 2 laptops and an Epson wireless printer. All had been OK, but suddenly no print from either laptop. I tried all sorts then, in desperation, tried one of my spare routers. All OK again. BT were persuaded to supply a new router and all is well.

That was two weeks ago. Had a call today from another village. Same problem and same cure.

Anyone else seen this problem with HH3s?

  Nontek 15:38 29 Apr 2014

HH3s - I would ask BT for their Latest HH5! 3 is old-hat these days.

  onthelimit1 16:15 29 Apr 2014

Yes, having said '3', I think they may have been 4s - oval rather than square, but I take your point. The first family did receive the latest version.

  The Old Mod 16:16 29 Apr 2014

Not had any problems with mine at all.

  onthelimit1 17:59 29 Apr 2014

I'm sure most people haven't, but odd that I've been asked about the same problem in two weeks.

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