BT HomeHub - access control

  shrubster 10:37 11 Feb 2010

I use access control on the homehub, however my boys know that if they simply reset the router, the access control settings are wiped. Since all of the other defaults remain they can then reconnect and browse deep into the night.

Does anyone know a way around this? Having access control when it is simply removed by a reset seems utterly pointless?

  Technotiger 10:44 11 Feb 2010

Try 'Content Advisor' in Internet Explorer ... Tools>Internet Options>Content>Content Advisor you can set a Password to prevent use - though I have never used it myself.

  shrubster 10:51 11 Feb 2010

No, that wouldn't work but would also be difficult to maintain across six home computers. I'm not looking to limit content but to limit access to the younger ones who should be asleep! It seems a very poor implementation by BT that a) the settings apply every day (i'd like to limit access Mon - Thurs) but b) whatever you set is simply disabled by a reboot (which is as simple as pushing a button on the side of the router.

  rawprawn 11:18 11 Feb 2010

Put the router where you have control? Lounge?

  shrubster 11:19 11 Feb 2010

I had thought of that ;-), not practical unfortunately as it also runs BT Vision and so is cabled to the TV. I couldn't practically hide the router in a cupboard!

  oldbeefer2 12:09 11 Feb 2010

Tell them not to!

  shrubster 14:32 11 Feb 2010

They're kids, i'm scared of them ;-)

Tried that but when their mates are still on Facebook at 1am, they want to be too! Then they sneak out and kick the router and BT kindly oblige by removing the access controls.

Am i really going to have to set up some sort of proxy server in the house to control internet access? I really can't be doing with having to install monitoring software on each PC.

  oldbeefer2 15:48 11 Feb 2010

Thanks to the PC brigade - a good hiding never did me any harm!

  Fingees 16:02 11 Feb 2010

I have bt vision.

The vision box is in the lounge cabled to the TV

The router is in my study, a long way from the vision box. connected via the house mains by adapters to the vision box,
no problem

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