BT Homehub 2 dropping connection

  Ikarus 00:00 23 Mar 2011

Went over to BT for phone and Internet in December last. All worked perfectly until beginning of March when the router suddenly began dropping the internet connection every 2 minutes or so usually in the evening - lights on router normally blue were flashing orange. Phoned BT help (India) and got "restart/reset router" routine, line checked, etc". Appeared to work but after two days back to dropping again. Router also appeared to do it when not connected to the computer!

Have gone through BT desktop help and restart/ reset procedure a few times but the connection is dtill dropping but not usually during the day. Today it started at 11.05pm and is still doing it. Has anyone else had this problem or got any suggestions as to the cause or cure?

  Nontek 07:02 23 Mar 2011

Could possibly be local interference from Fridge/Freezer/Oil Boiler/Microwave or other such items within your home/locality, if too close to Router.

  northumbria61 07:41 23 Mar 2011

I think it was/is a BT problem. Had exactly the same thing happening that you have described about 2 weeks ago but appears to be okay now. This is the first time I have had a problem with my Internet connection since going to BT 2yrs ago.

  dogtrack 11:16 23 Mar 2011

You could try changing the Chanel in the settings....see your handbook, its easy enough.

May well be there are too many "neighbours" using the same chanel, hence the interference.

  mooly 14:41 23 Mar 2011

If the "broadband" light is going orange it sounds like a line/exchange issue. The advanced menu in the hub allows you to see the "line stats" and "uptime" but I would see if it settles first.

Make sure all plugs firmly attached and maybe try another microfilter (BT supply two in the box).

Just for interest have you run a speedtest,
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  Ikarus 17:07 23 Mar 2011

Thanks for the replies. One thing I forgot to mention was that I have a wired connection to the router. I have used wireless with a netbook but the last time it caused the connection to drop. The router is as far as it can be from other electrical equipment so I doubt if that is the main cause of the problem.

"India" was not much help as they didn't seem able to "think outside the box" i.e. their screen told them to ask certain questions and tick the right box according to the answer which then produced another screen and question. If the problem persists I am going to put a log of the problem in writing to BT which, hopefully will force someone to confront the problem in the UK.

I will have a look at the "line stats and uptime" out of curiousity.

Thanks again for your time and comments

  northumbria61 10:44 24 Mar 2011

BT was "playing up" a little bit yesterday again on mine but it was only intermittent - orange light on "phone" which in turn changes Broadband to "orange" - only lasts for a few seconds.

Like yours the router is as far as it can be from other electrical equipment besides it has never been a problem in the past 2 yrs.

I just put it down to BT doing work at the exchange/lines etc.

  xania 13:25 24 Mar 2011

I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Three different calls finally got them to admit there was a problem at the exchange and 24 hours later no further problems.

  SAH 19:14 25 Mar 2011


Could someone just confirm that if this Openreach Master Socket already has an i-Plate fitted, it looks to me as the bell component has been isolated but I can't be sure. I was told that all Master Sockets with the Openreach logo already have an i-Plate fitted but just wanted to be sure.

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Many Thanks

  johnnyrocker 19:46 25 Mar 2011

best start your own posting to save confusion and original poster getting unwanted replies.


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