BT Home Hub, wireless connection problem.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:19 22 Oct 2006

Today I installed a new BT Home Hub, to gain the benefit of free VOIP phone-calls. Connecting to the PC, via ethernet cable, was easy as was setting up the VOIP service. Initial setting up of the wireless connection to the laptop was also easy and, at first, everything worked. I set up WPA-PSK security, restarted a couple of times, as required by what I was doing, all seamed well and I shutdown the laptop.

Later my partner started up the laptop again and there was limited or no connectivity and a weak signal which after a little time faded away completely, even just three feet away. No matter what I do I cannot persuade it to work. Resetting and rebooting the hub, uninstaling and reinstalling the BT software on the laptop, all makes no difference. Any ideas for a fix?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:20 22 Oct 2006

I am back on my old router now.

  mammak 22:38 22 Oct 2006

Do not install the BT software on your laptop for some reason BT do not like anything other than thier own wireless adapters

try first to set up the wireless conection from the HomeHub
just the other day I installed the BT HomeHub like yourself had no problems with ethernet on my first pc and again on the second pc with a BT adapter 1055 but as soon as I tried to install the BT software on my wireless enabled laptop no way was it having it so I aborted that option and turned on wireless on the laptop and away I went after the input of the relevant key

but that was on wep that I know a lot dont like it but it seems to be BTs first if only option

I have since installed the BT HomeHub on my laptop and am on it know typing this no problems at all hope I dont eat my words :-)
good luck

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:10 23 Oct 2006

For the time being I am going to keep using my BT2110 ADSL router, which is rock solid. From what you say it looks like I need to try and get the wireless connection with the Home Hub going without installing BT software on the laptop but, I had no success that way and resorted to installing BT software on the laptop. I will have another go, when I have the time and inclination, and see what happens. BT seem to only want you to go with the default WEP security, the WPA options are well hidden.

  mammak 21:49 23 Oct 2006

If your up and running with your BT2110 router I would not blame you for sticking with it if it is not broke and all that

well with me I do tend to push myself untill I am pulling my hair out can not stand a piece of plastic getting the better of me :-)

good luck anyhow

  icytaz 20:59 25 Oct 2006

If i were you i would remove the bt software and let xp handle the connection because my hub connected before id even got the disc out the box.
BT hub software is renowned for being terrible. BT Hubs are a pain anyway as we cannot connect with the router to change any ports or anything at all. I'm running Shareara and have low id and can not sort it as i cannot change the settings with the hub/router

  mammak 21:37 25 Oct 2006

Erm I have 2pcs and 2 laptops running fine after a few hickups on BT Homehub so what is your point? surely a bit of perserverance in any Network situation would get it all running?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:57 10 Nov 2006

Well today I finally had the inclination and the time to sort out the Home Hub and try again. After three hours of much frustrating failure and annoyance all seems to be working as it should. The problem does seem to be the BT software of which there is now none on both desktop and laptop.

  steven_frost 11:45 12 Nov 2006

you don't need the the bt software to be honest you can still access the hub via the ip address

  tomosrhun1 22:52 22 Nov 2006

Please help I Have got a BT Homehub my PC running XP is connected via ethernet fine working not a problem. mY laptop which is running 2000 and has a BT Voyager 1065 wireless card Iam having problems with the connection staying up.... please advise? I have have the replies here and it seems I dont need to connect any BT software on my laptop as this seems to cause problems?.. My Wireless configuration in the services list is set to run 'automatically but the status which should be Start when I reboot my laptop start status is lossed? does this need to be configured or not and if so is this the reason why my wireless signal is up and down?? please help as Iam getting p.....d off with the wireless side of this configuration..

  laughingclown 22:43 23 Nov 2006

i had same problem with win xp but same card after much searching i found this information on another post elsewhere, my connection has now gone from 1 Mbps to constant 48 - 54 Mbps wherever i am.

click advanced

click advanced

switch user

user _ admin

pword - admin

home net (left hand column)

interfaces -> local network -> wlan ???? (Blue hyperlink)

click "configure" (top right)

change channel number 12 worked best for me(you can also set up your wpa security,
ssid etc.)

click apply.

job done

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