BT Home Hub v net gear

  Bouffee 17:48 21 Aug 2008

I ve have a net gear wireless hub which works fine however I ve been told that the BT home hub will give me a better and faster conection, is this true?

Ps I m running BT broadband on a Packard Bell laptop.

I m supposed to get 8 meg



  Pineman100 19:07 21 Aug 2008

It all depends on what model of Netgear router you have. Does it support 802.11n?

The new BT Home Hub uses the latest 802.11n protocol, which theoretically will be faster and have greater wireless range than the previous 802.11g. But your broadband connection is possibly going to be a significant factor in the speed of data transmission.

You say that you're "supposed to get 8Mb", but you'll probably notice that the your contract will say "up to 8Mb". Depending on your distance from the telephone exchange (I presume we're talking about an ADSL broadband connection?), you might be getting a great deal less than this. In which case, changing your router might do very little to increase the speed of your up- or downloading.

Have you run a broadband speed test? If not, click on the Broadband Advisor link under the "Topic Zones" heading on the left of this page. Run a test and see what your true speed is (at that moment - remember that it'll vary considerably throughout the day/week/month... etc).

  accord 19:18 21 Aug 2008

I recently upgraded my BTBB and got the new home hub, it is a sinch to install but make sure you reboot the hub a couple of times as my speed went from 5.5meg to 3.5meg after initial install. After a number of frustrating calls to BT's offshore call centre, I rebooted the hub and the speed went back to 5.5meg. Shame BT didnt tell me this, they would have saved me trying to complain in pidgeon english, which is really quite difficult.

  Bouffee 09:56 22 Aug 2008

Cool thanks for that, I ll give it a try. I think the line supports 8mb but I think the max I can get is 7mb due to distance traffic etc.

I ll give it a try and see what happens.


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