BT Home Hub - Think A Simple Question

  grandobs 11:44 31 Jan 2010

I have intalled BT Home Hub2 on Acer Laptop running xp SP3 and got it working with ethernet and then wireless but after a reboot unable to get wireless working.
After playing around with the BT install CD it gave a suggestion to goto START then RUN and key in ??????? which gave a display giving the option to tick a box for BT Hub connection that made the wireless connection work again but on a reboot wireless failed again.
Now I can't find what BT told me what to RUN.
After Googleing many sites I can find nothing!
I can't look in the RUN box to see what I typed as I was using GO-BACK safe try and have reverted back to a mirror image of my system to before the BT Hub installation so that I could revert to using my BT Voyager 105 modem.
What did I RUN Please!!
Grandad - Grandobs

  oldbeefer2 11:52 31 Jan 2010

If you got the info off the BT CD, can you not run that again?

  grandobs 12:13 31 Jan 2010

If I could find it I would - I went round in circles in the first place before I found it.
Having removed everything that I had originally installed I thought it would be easy to go to when I next attempt the installation.

  bremner 12:16 31 Jan 2010

When I received my homehub all I did was connect it up. On the laptop I inserted the wireless key which is on the back of the hub and for ethernet I did nothing. The CD never went near my machines.

I would suggest you re connect using ethernet and in the address bar of your browser type -


and hit return.

Here you will be able to see all your settings including wireless.

  grandobs 12:28 31 Jan 2010

Thanks - but I am still wonder what BT program BT told told me to run as I have tried all the Network / Wireless / Internet options in Control Panel to try and find it again as I am sure it isn't a BT Program.

  lotvic 13:02 31 Jan 2010

It was probably the 'Detect available networks'
(and make BT the preferred and Automatic connection)

I presume that the BT Home Hub2 is up and running connected to Internet and the problem is that laptop can't find it.

Link to BT's Customer Help, Setting up a wireless connection manually click here

  grandobs 13:38 31 Jan 2010

I have removed the Hub and now running on a voyager 105 modem that is connected via USB.
The Acer laptop that I am talking about is a friends and I want to get all the information I can before we attempt to install the Hub again on Tuesday!
My XP computer that I am now using is connected to the internet via a White BT Hub which also has an old laptop running Windows 98SE connected wirelessly to it.
When you say 'Detect available networks' - do you mean Control panel - Internet options, which isn't the program that I am looking for as in my earlier threads.
I have looked at BT's Customer Help link which still doesn't give me the answer but which I will keep for later reference.

  Forum Editor 14:29 31 Jan 2010

to the broadband wall socket, and to your computer, and turn the hub on. Wait until you have three blue lights.

Open your browser and click here

That will open your hub's interface in your browser.
You should type in your administrator password to access the settings.

Now open another, blank browser window and click here

Follow the wireless troubleshooting section.

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