bt home hub set up

  sopwith 18:50 05 Sep 2011

i may be asking a stupid question here but here we go ive recently changed from orange b/b to bt via home hub 3 wireless the problem im having is that the connewction only appears ro work via an internet gateway is this correct or should it just connect via wireless its ages since i had to set up new broad band cos i stuck with orange for years very foolishly it appears

  morddwyd 20:07 05 Sep 2011

My homehub connected fairly painlessly just like any other router.

I think it may be acting as a gateway though, as when I connected my wife's new smartphone last week I noticed it was "searching for gateway" just before it found the network.

  GBL 21:35 05 Sep 2011

I don't know if I have missed the point here, but are you trying to connect a Mobile Phone or a computer? if it is a computer have you used the supplied CD? I had no problem with either.

  ventanas 22:05 05 Sep 2011

I stuck with orange for years very foolishly it appears

Not at all, I was with Orange for years. About three years ago I switched to BT. Biggest mistake I ever made. Within six months I had paid off the contract and was back with Orange. Not had a drop out since. Happened all the time with BT. It's a personal thing, but I will never go near them again.

  sopwith 07:41 06 Sep 2011

imtrying to connect to my pc

  GBL 07:49 06 Sep 2011

You should have a CD supplied with your BT Home hub, if you use that on your PC it should set it all up for you, failing that go to the BT helpline.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:57 06 Sep 2011

sopwith, an "Internet gateway" is just another name for a modem or ADSL router. Your PCs and laptops connect to your HomeHub via a cable or wireless if they're within range of its signal. So, what's your query exactly?

PS: BT HomeHubs come pre-configured so there's no setting up required. Because of that, you don't actually need to run the CD.

  onthelimit1 09:04 06 Sep 2011

Does your PC have a wireless card?

  Nontek 10:46 06 Sep 2011

I too recently upgraded my BT HomeHub 2 to BT Infinity, improved my speeds from 2Mbps to 37.6 Mbps, working great.

The engineer fitted and set-up the Modem (did not have one of those with HomeHub2), and BT HomeHub3 and got it all working fine within minutes.

You do not have to do any set-up yourself, so if you are having problems contact BT.

  onthelimit1 11:50 06 Sep 2011

Nontec - no mention of Infinity. If changing ISP, BT charge a min of £95 to send an engineer to set up a Homehub - shocking amount of money for a 5min job.

  Nontek 12:01 06 Sep 2011

onthelimit1 - good point, I thought the upgrade was to Infinity. In any case, the HomeHub is so simple to install - it is just simply Plug and Play!! No complicated settings involved, even the CD provided is not needed.

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