BT Home Hub Connectivity

  morddwyd 21:01 23 Apr 2013

Can any body recommend a reliable wireless adapter that will connect to a BT Home Hub?

I have tried three, with two different computers, in two different rooms without success.

Laptops, Skybox, mobile all connect OK but not the PC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 23 Apr 2013

Are your wireless adaptors "n"? or just "g"

You may need to access the settings in the router and alter the wireless settings to suit the adaptor

  Nontek 22:07 23 Apr 2013

These are recommended by BT...

But, I would recommend using Homeplugs rather than wireless.

  morddwyd 07:53 24 Apr 2013

One of the adapters, an older one, is g, the other one, in fact the TP Link recommended by BT, is n.

My Home Hub is a version 2, not 3, which may be relevant

  Forum Editor 08:10 24 Apr 2013

Does the PC's adapter recognise the home hub? if it doesn't, there is almost certainly something wrong with the adapter's configuration settings.

  Rob Gibson 08:18 24 Apr 2013

I've just installed one of these on my PC:

It took just a couple of minutes and I had no problems. The HH is in the front room, and the PC in a back bedroom. Connects at @ 58Mbps.

  morddwyd 20:46 24 Apr 2013

"I would recommend using Homeplugs rather than wireless."

My limited knowledge of Homeplugs is that they use an ethernet connection at each end, if this is so I might just as well use an ethernet cable anyway.


Neither of the adapters sees any network at all.

So far as I am aware, configuration is all done by the software.

  Nontek 21:04 24 Apr 2013

Yes HomePlugs are connected by Ethernet cable (supplied with the plugs). One starts with a Pair of Homeplugs, one is connected to the Router and to a handy Mains Socket - the other is connected to any convenient Mains Socket in the home (on the same Ring Main) and to the other PC etc.

I use HomePlugs, mainly for when friends bring me their Laptops to work on, makes connection to Internet extremely simple and immediate.

  Secret-Squirrel 21:05 24 Apr 2013

"Neither of the adapters sees any network at all."

If the adapters are configured for the North American market, and your router is broadcasting on wireless channel 12 or 13, then that could account for why your router is invisible to those adapters. In North America only channel numbers 1-11 are valid, while in the UK ours go up to 13. Having said that though, when you install the adapter software it usually asks which country you're in and configures itself appropriately. Here's what you can try though:

Login to your BT Home Hub and go to its wireless section. Make sure that the wireless channel number that it's using is 1 to 11. Don't forget to save any changes you make.

Good luck.

  Woolwell 21:06 24 Apr 2013

Where are you plugging in the adaptors? If at the back of the PC then they may be shielded by the PC.

  Nontek 21:08 24 Apr 2013

BTW, with HomePlugs no configuration is needed, 'tis all entirely Plug-n-Play.

Using Ethernet cables only, would require cables all over the place, and would be rather impracticable, especially up/down stairs.

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