BT Home Hub 6 Replacement?

  darrensabey 21:48 13 Apr 2019

Hi all. I’m new to the forum and looking for advice on a way to improve WiFi coverage in my house.

I live in a stone built cottage in Yorkshire with a few solid internal walls (it’s a couple of cottages knocked into one). WiFi coverage is decent in half the building but patchy in the rest.

I’ve looked at mesh WiFi systems but don’t like the idea of more plugs and cables into the BT home hub plus satellites around the rest of the house.

I’m wondering if replacing the BT home hub with a superior modem/ router would be an option. Meaning something with the capacity (antennas?) to distribute signals further through the building.

I’d rather spend the money replacing the hub if that would do the trick rather than buying ancillary equipment (mesh) to supplement it. Does anyone know if this is possible/realistic?

For information the house is roughly 2000 square foot over two floors. There are two solid internal walls that run perpendicular to each other and divide the house into nearly extract quadrants.

  darrensabey 12:41 21 Apr 2019

Thanks wee Eddie. The forum was really helpful - saved me quite a bit of money in the end

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