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BT Home Hub 6 Replacement?

  darrensabey 21:48 13 Apr 2019

Hi all. I’m new to the forum and looking for advice on a way to improve WiFi coverage in my house.

I live in a stone built cottage in Yorkshire with a few solid internal walls (it’s a couple of cottages knocked into one). WiFi coverage is decent in half the building but patchy in the rest.

I’ve looked at mesh WiFi systems but don’t like the idea of more plugs and cables into the BT home hub plus satellites around the rest of the house.

I’m wondering if replacing the BT home hub with a superior modem/ router would be an option. Meaning something with the capacity (antennas?) to distribute signals further through the building.

I’d rather spend the money replacing the hub if that would do the trick rather than buying ancillary equipment (mesh) to supplement it. Does anyone know if this is possible/realistic?

For information the house is roughly 2000 square foot over two floors. There are two solid internal walls that run perpendicular to each other and divide the house into nearly extract quadrants.

  john bunyan 23:25 13 Apr 2019

Using your mains wiring, the Devolo Magic 2 system with one unit plugged into the router and, say, 2 LAN/ wi fi units would be a solution, if a bit expensive. The two satellites each have 2 LAN sockets and reproduce wi fi , as well as having a “pass though” socket . See review


  darrensabey 23:42 13 Apr 2019

Thanks John. I looked at the develo magic 2 but wasn’t keen on the additional Units and wiring into the bt home hub. A new modem/router seemed cleaner if it could handle the range and walls in the house.

I was looking at reviews at it seemed possible that something like the linksys ea9500 might do the job without the need for mesh or powerline systems?

  john bunyan 00:31 14 Apr 2019

I have it. Only one Devolo plugs in to my Plusnet router. I suspect that with your home architecture, more than one wi fi source would be needed. I use one in its LAN role as my router is downstairs and my desktop is upstairs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:07 14 Apr 2019

"Ye canna change the laws of physics"

No wireless signals will penetrate thick stone walls.

JBs solution of Homeplugs is probably the best you can do.

  alanrwood 09:34 14 Apr 2019

Router wireless output power is strictly limited by regulations.Some routers are slightly better than others but not by that much. As FB says, you can't change the laws of physics you can only work within them.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:07 14 Apr 2019

Darren, I agree with the others when they say that homeplugs are the only real solution for patchy WiFi in a house with thick stone walls. It'll only require one extra cable in the back of your Home Hub and the units are quite disceet.

If you're not interested in 5Ghz, "pass-through" homeplugs, and the Devolo name then you can save yourself a couple of hundred pounds with this kit. Simply plug the wireless units in your two worst black-spot areas. If you buy direct from Amazon you should be able to return for a refund them if things don't work out as well as you hoped.

.............linksys ea9500 ..............

It doesn't have a built-in modem so it will never work as a Home Hub replacement.

  Forum Editor 15:34 14 Apr 2019

linksys ea9500

My son lives in a 500 year old farmhouse with thick stone walls, and he has the same problem. I recommended exactly the same solution mentioned by Secret-Squirrel, and when I last enquired the units seem to have solved the problem.

  darrensabey 21:43 14 Apr 2019

Thanks for all the comments and advice - seems pretty unanimous that powerline is the way to go.

I have one of the tp link powerline devices but don’t use it because a) it requires you to swap networks as you walk around the house and b) I’m not convinced it doesn’t interfere with the main WiFi network broadcast by the router (hard to prove but it definitely seems less stable when the powerline devices are active).

The develo powerline device is interesting with the single SSID and seems much more stable according to the reviews. I’ll probably go with that, though I wonder if other vendors will be bringing out similar products in the coming months?

  john bunyan 21:59 14 Apr 2019

With Devolo Magic 2 combined LAN / wi fi you can give it’s network the same WAP code as the router. I have an app on the iPhone that controls it.. Their Cockpit app for the laptop has proved difficult so far .

  wee eddie 22:19 14 Apr 2019

Darren, my impression is that you have it set up incorrectly, although, without more details of your set-up it is difficult to help

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