BT Home Hub 2.0 WiFi Speed

  Anti_Virus 12:35 11 Nov 2008

Hi. I'm a BT Total Broadband customer, and have thus far been happy with their service (although I know many aren't). Having been witht them for over a year, I've had no problems. However, I've recently upgraded my BT Home Hub, from 1.5 to the draft-n enablen 2.0. The network I've set up in my house has one PC (wired) and one laptop, which is wireless. It's a Dell Latitude, with an Intel 4965AGN internal WiFi card, which is draft-n compatible. With the upgrade of the Hub to draft-n, and with having a draft-n WiFi card, I was expecting to see noticible results, with both range and speed. However, I've been very dissapointed. I live in an old victorian house, which has three floors. The laptop is mainly used at on the top floor, while the router sits, more or less centrally located, on the ground floor. With the old 1.5 BT Home Hub, I did actually get a good signal, very stable, probably averaging out at 40mbps. Since the upgrade, the range has gotten better (the wireless signal status is normally descried as "very good"). It is reported being connected at 78mbps (this sometimed goes down to 52, rarely lower). However, in my experience in web browsing, load times have actuall increased! Now when I watch a video on YouTube, it takes considerably longer to load then on the old 1.5 hub. Downloads are also taking a lot longer. So what is going on? I thought 802.11n was the answer to wired-equivalent wirless speeds? Why has the speed gone down with my upgrade form g to n? Can anyone help? I've got the latest drivers for the intel card, and 802.11n is definately enabled in the Hub settings. Help would be appreciated.

  Tech Guy 20:48 12 Nov 2008

It should work a lot better.

I have the V2 router from sky with wireless turned off and a 802.11n AP attached - absolutely fantastic.

Only ever so slighty slower on loading pages than my desktop (I have 16Mb connection) and a I use a Belkin 802.11n card.

In my very limited experence with wireless, I've found the internal wireless of laptops to be not that good. Try and test with an external card....????

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