BT Home Hub 2 - connecting another router

  alands 12:20 12 Feb 2010

Can anyone help with this little problem. I have a bt home hub with hub phone which comes in useful in providing two phone lines. I have now added a music digital streamer and two nas drives to my music system. They are connected to a gs105 switch which connects to a wrt54gs linksys router ( and this connects to the bt home hub ( We believe that the linksys is causing music dropout problems so want to replace it with a netgear rp614. Problem is because the BT HH is not on the same subnet - the wireless laptop and Ipod cannot access the nas drives and ds. How can I connect the system to still be able to use the hub phone and access the music in one network?

  mgmcc 14:08 12 Feb 2010

What is the purpose of connecting the Linksys router to the Home Hub, rather than just using the network switch? It is the inclusion of the second router that creates the different subnets and the Home Hub should be capable of dealing with the addressing of all devices in the network. If not, connect the Linksys to the Home Hub and then connect *ALL* network devices to the Linksys.

  alands 14:47 12 Feb 2010

The DS manufacturer, much like HIFI, prefers to use seperates - they recommend a switch into a router then to an access point then to the internet router.
"If not, connect the Linksys to the Home Hub and then connect *ALL* network devices to the Linksys" - have done that but get music dropouts which HIFI guys suggest is a problem caused by the Linksys - bad vibes on it on a google search.

  mgmcc 22:12 12 Feb 2010

>>> then to the internet router.

Could that reference be to the ISP's router, rather than one in your local setup? There doesn't appear to be any logic in you having two routers in the circuit.

  alands 10:16 13 Feb 2010

Linn audio suggest the following setup - ds, nas into gs105 that into rp614 that into wap200 that into isp internet - seems an over kill to me but they say it is to guarantee no music dropouts. I have the gs105, rp614 and bt home hub - am a bit reluctant to get the wap200 as it is £100 - any cheaper alternatives?

  Rayle 14:50 15 Feb 2010

Best place to ask is the BT Forum click here

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